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Florida State Football Practice Report: 10/21

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After throttling Clemson in Death Valley Saturday night, the Florida State Seminoles returned to practice Monday afternoon with the same determination they possessed the week prior.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

You'd never know that FSU found themselves at no.2 in the BCS ranking as the players took to the practice fields on Monday. They seem focused and ready for their next challenge. The players were not in shells, as usual on Monday's.

James Wilder Jr. was not at practice today after suffering a concussion against Clemson last Saturday.

Everyone else seems fairly healthy.

The defense was working on a lot of nickel and dime sets as they begin NC State preparation.

Jesus Wilson was getting reps at kick returner Monday.

Christian Jones and Markus Eligwe were working almost exclusively with coach Sunseri and the defensive ends - spent a lot of time working on their technique.

There were scout from the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneer and the Chicago Bears on Monday.