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Florida State 51, Clemson 14: OOOO, Kill'Em and Dave Chappelle Robot

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Streeter Lecka

This Florida State team is fun to cover.

It's really, really good. Perhaps the best team in the whole country. It has a quarterback who could start for several NFL teams right now, and who is just 19 years old, a nasty defense, and veteran playmakers everywhere.

Oh, and it loves to have fun. This is a tight group.

And dance.

Late in the curb stomping of Clemson, two young linebackers got to show off some moves.

First was linebacker Ukeme Eligwe, who after sacking Boyd, did a very quick version of the OOOO Kill'em dance seen in the extremely popular vine videos by the funny kid by the name of TerRio.

Eligwe hits it here in this photo by Streeter Lecka. I do not have a .gif of this, but I am sure someone will make one soon. Our readers are crazy fast and got me this one.

Jimbo Fisher, on his weekly coaches show, was not a fan of the dancing. He said that between Kenny Shaw's punt return, and Eligwe's sack dance, that there was too much "dancing with the stars."

Oh, Jimbo.

But it didn't stop there. Thankfully. As the clock was winding down, fellow young linebacker Reggie Northrup, who is famous for his Orange Bowl dancing (.gif) below (with what looks to be an orange slice in his mouth, or a mouthpiece), broke out an incredible version of the Dave Chappelle Robot Dance for the ESPN cameras, and then did OOOO, Kill'Em as well (video below).

I'm laughing so hard watching this and writing it up.

Mentions of both of these need to be on college gameday.

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