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Florida State football film review: Clemson 2nd quarter

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Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Clemson? Did the result have more to do with FSU playing well or the opponent playing poorly, or luck? Read to find out.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

And this takes forever for our staff to put together, so please do share it on facebook and tweet it liberally.

Down/Distance Yard Formation Result Analysis (Jimbo notes included where appropriate
2-8 at Cu45 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to O'LEARY, N. for 11 yards to the CU34, 1ST DOWN FS (SHUEY). FSU rolls the pocket to the right then throws back to O'Leary leaking back out to the left after blocking initially.
1-10 at Cu34 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass intercepted by BREELAND at the CU14, BREELAND return 29 yards to the CU43 (ERVING, C.), PENALTY FS personal foul 15 yards to the FS42,1ST DOWN CU, 1st and 10, CU ball on FS42, QB hurry by JARRETT. There is miscommunication on this play, with the receivers getting one version of the play and Winston getting another. Winston expects Shaw to run a corner/bench route when he runs a shake route (fake the corner then go to the post) instead. Shaw's route is beautiful and actually contributes to the throw being intercepted since the safety bites on the corner move. Winston threw the ball before the Shaw's break. Unfortunate miscommunication, as the play as called would have gone for TD.
Drive: 4 plays, 31 yards, TOP 01:19
1-10 at Fs42 4-2-5 BOYD rush for 7 yards to the FS35 (SMITH, TERR.). Clemson shows run here with another formation with no eligible receiver covering up the tackle. QB power. Telvin overruns it a little, opening up a lane inside for Boyd.
2-3 at Fs35 4-2-5 McDOWELL rush for 6 yards to the FS29, 1ST DOWN CU (JONES, C.). Zone read and the Clemson OL pushes the FSU DL 3 yards upfield. They also pop Timmy Jernigan's helmet off with an obvious uncalled hands to the face penalty.
1-10 at Fs29 3-3-5 BOYD pass complete to S. WATKINS for 2 yards to the FS27 (JOYNER, L.). Bubble screen to Watkins looks like it's going somewhere but Sammy loses his footing.
2-8 at Fs27 3-3-5 BOYD pass complete to McDOWELL for loss of 8 yards to the FS35 (SMITH, TEL.). Flare pass to the back is read beautifully by Telvin, who can't quite get him down. The back then reverses field and gives up another five yards before Smith corrals him and gets the tackle on the second try.
3-16 at Fs35 3-2-6 BOYD pass incomplete to HUMPHRIES. FSU only rushes three and Boyd has a lot of time in the pocket. He overthrows Humphries who isn't open anyway.
4-16 at Fs35 PINION punt 22 yards to the FS13, fair catch by SHAW, K.. Good defense combined with a really dumb play by McDowell keeps Clemson from capitalizing on the turnover.
Drive: 5 plays, 7 yards, TOP 02:31
1-10 at Fs13 PENALTY FS false start 5 yards to the FS8.
1-15 at Fs08 Timeout Florida State, clock 11:56.
1-15 at Fs08 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to GREENE, R.. Winston is too high on the throw to Greene, who is well covered. O'Leary was open on an option route.
2-15 at Fs08 11 gun WINSTON, J. rush for no gain to the FS8 (BLANKS). Jimbo indicated that there should have been a "push crack" here, meaning that the WR should have gotten upfield to block the safety. Wilder is concussed on this play.
3-15 at Fs08 PENALTY FS delay of game 4 yards to the FS4. Completely ridiculous that the referees let the entire play run. Delay of game is a dead ball foul.
3-19 at Fs04 11 gun FREEMAN, D. rush for 9 yards to the FS13 (WIGGINS;M. JENKINS). Offense is completely out of sorts and the crowd is deafening. Just get it out of there and punt.
4-10 at Fs13 BEATTY, C. punt 38 yards to the CU49, fair catch by HUMPHRIES.
Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 01:57
1-10 at Cu49 4-2-5 BOYD pass incomplete to S. WATKINS. Boyd throws falling away off his back foot with no pressure at all and misses badly.
2-10 at Cu49 4-2-5 BOYD pass incomplete to M. WILLIAMS. Slight pressure this time and Tajh airmails it 10 yards out of bounds.
3-10 at Cu49 Timeout Florida State, clock 09:49.
3-10 at Cu49 3-2-6 BOYD pass complete to S. WATKINS for 10 yards to the FS41, 1ST DOWN CU (ANDREWS, N.). After being initially slow to respond to the motion, Nate Andrews recovers and actually has really good coverage. This is just a really good throw and catch on the out route by Tajh and Sammy.
1-10 at Fs41 3-3-5 BOYD rush for loss of 4 yards to the FS45 (JONES, C.). This is just a great play by Christian Jones. It's a zone read and Tajh is trying to read Jones, who presses the play and doesn't commit until Tajh has decided whether to keep or give.
2-14 at Fs45 4-2-5 BOYD pass incomplete to S. WATKINS. This is the same play Clemson ran earlier where the tight end presses vertically and Watkins runs the looping slant and sits down in the zone. This time Telvin doesn't get distracted by the backfield motion and is right there waiting for Sammy. This is also another poor throw by Boyd.
3-14 at Fs45 4-2-5 BOYD pass incomplete to M. WILLIAMS (ANDREWS, N.). Play action rollout and Boyd tries to sidearm it into a very small window between FSU defenders, but cannot complete the pass. The receiver is open initially but by the time Boyd is able to gather himself and throw, the window has closed.
4-14 at Fs45 PINION punt 40 yards to the FS5, downed.
Drive: 6 plays, 6 yards, TOP 01:12 These two defensive series were absolutely critical.
1-10 at Fs05 22 FREEMAN, D. rush for no gain to the FS5 (STEWARD). Newberry whiffs badly and Abrams misses his block as well on the power play and Freeman does a good job to get back to the line of scrimmage.
2-10 at Fs05 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 11 yards to the FS16, 1ST DOWN FS (STEWARD). Curl flat. Good quick read and throw. When it comes to throwing quick game Winston definitely seems to look for Greene first.
1-10 at Fs16 10 pistol WINSTON, J. pass complete to SHAW, K. for 12 yards to the FS28, 1ST DOWN FS (R. SMITH). Bubble screen. Great blocking effort by Kelvin Benjamin who blocks his man all the way out of bounds.
1-10 at Fs28 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 72 yards to the CU0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:08. Curl flat again. Clemson is bringing a zone blitz here and once Greene jukes the safety, no one is going to catch him.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 24, Clemson 7
Drive: 4 plays, 95 yards, TOP 01:39
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 36 yards to the CU29, fair catch by LEGGETT.
1-10 at Cu29 4-2-5 BOYD rush for 1 yard to the CU30 (SMITH, TERR.). QB trap and FSU's DL just mauls the Clemson OL.
2-9 at Cu30 4-2-5 BOYD pass complete to McDOWELL for 18 yards to the CU48, 1ST DOWN CU (RAMSEY, J.). Some kind of coverage bust here as no one picks the back up in the flat.
1-10 at Cu48 4-2-5 McDOWELL rush for 1 yard to the CU49 (SMITH, TEL.;SMITH, TERR.). Zone read play and Christian Jones gets enough of the back to redirect him and allow the backers to rally and tackle him for a short gain.
2-9 at Cu49 4-2-5 BOYD pass complete to S. WATKINS for 9 yards to the FS42, 1ST DOWN CU (SMITH, TEL.). Drag route to Sammy, who uses the umpire as a blocker. Telvin needs to spot the receiver coming into his zone sooner and redirect him.
1-10 at Fs42 3-3-5 BOYD rush for 17 yards to the FS25, 1ST DOWN CU (RAMSEY, J.). FSU is blitzing off the edge here and Tajh tucks it and runs immediately. It was a called pass play but Boyd decided to run so quickly it was effectively a draw.
1-10 at Fs25 4-2-4 BOYD pass intercepted by JOYNER, L. at the FS7, JOYNER, L. return 15 yards to the FS22 (BROOKS). As everyone must be aware, FSU's substitutions were screwed up here and even with Jacobbi McDaniel running on late they still only had 10 men on the field. Joyner shows blitz and the bails out into coverage at the last minute. Not clear if this is a miscommunication by Joyner or just a really bad throw. Critical play either way as Clemson really had something going on this drive.
Drive: 6 plays, 46 yards, TOP 01:52
1-10 at Fs22 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to GREENE, R., PENALTY CU pass interference (BREELAND) 16 yards to the FS38, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY. Breeland just tackles Rashad to prevent another 70+ yard TD on the fade route.
1-10 at Fs38 11 pistol FREEMAN, D. rush for 1 yard to the FS39 (J. WATSON). Counter trey is blown up and Freeman is forced to try and cut back into the middle.
2-9 at Fs39 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to BENJAMIN, K.. Going for the fade again but Benjamin is well covered and the throw is well out of bounds. Off his back foot.
3-9 at Fs39 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 13 yards to the CU48, 1ST DOWN FS. Really nice reaction by the receivers. Guys in the middle of the field run parallel to the QB while the guy on the sideline goes vertical. Winston did have Freeman open in the flat before he scrambled.
1-10 at Cu48 10 gun WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to BENJAMIN, K. (R. SMITH). Not sure what Jameis was thinking with this throw. Greene is open underneath on the crossing route.
2-10 at Cu48 11 FREEMAN, D. rush for 12 yards to the CU36, 1ST DOWN FS (R. SMITH). Outside zone run. Clemson is actually blitzing into this play from the slot. O'Leary does a nice job sliding out to pick up the blitzer. Stephone Anthony is unblocked but tries to run around the play and takes himself out of it.
1-10 at Cu36 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 9 yards to the CU27 (BREELAND). Clemson bringing heavy pressure on this play. Devonta Freeman spots it and appears to point out his man and give him a "come get some" gesture. Smash to the boundary and Jameis hits Greene on the hitch.
2-1 at Cu27 11 FREEMAN, D. rush for 2 yards to the CU25, 1ST DOWN FS (CRAWFORD). Good understanding of situational football by Devonta Freeman. Normally the decision to cut back on this inside zone rune would have been a poor one, but knowing that he only needed a yard for the first down, it was the smart choice.
1-10 at Cu25 21 Bunch Gun WINSTON, J. sacked for loss of 10 yards to the CU35 (ST. ANTHONY). FSU is trying to break tendency here by throwing a snag concept out of this look, but Clemson gets a rusher free on the blitz. Think Freeman may have missed this one.
2-20 at Cu35 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to GREENE, R. for 19 yards to the CU16 (BREELAND), PENALTY FS holding 10 yards to the CU45, NO PLAY. Clear hold wipes out a good play.
2-30 at Cu45 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to SHAW, K. for 20 yards to the CU25 (R. SMITH). Looks like 4 verts and a nice throw to Kenny in the seam.
3-10 at Cu25 11 gun WINSTON, J. pass complete to SHAW, K. for 19 yards to the CU6, 1ST DOWN FS (R. SMITH). Incredible tight window throw to Kenny on a double post concept. Cam Erving misses and obvious blitz pickup and Winston gets hit extremely hard after delivering the pass.
1-G at Cu06 TEAM pass incomplete.
2-G at Cu06 21 I WINSTON, J. pass incomplete to BENJAMIN, K.. Not a very good route or throw. I am also not a fan of throwing out of this formation. You cannot stop the clock so the other team knows you are not going to run, might as well get more receivers on the field and spread it out. They did keep both backs and the O'Leary in to block, so were probably expecting heavy blitz.
3-G at Cu06 AGUAYO, R. field goal attempt from 24 GOOD, clock 00:03.
Florida State 27, Clemson 7
Drive: 13 plays, 72 yards, TOP 05:16 FSU's streak of end of half scoring drives remains alive.
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 42 yards to the CU23, LEGGETT return 4 yards to the CU27 (WILLIAMS, K.).
1-10 at Cu27 CLEMSON drive start at 00:00.
1-10 at Cu27 End of half, clock 00:00.
Florida State 27, Clemson 7

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