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Jimbo Fisher call-in show live thread 10.23.13

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Tune in to follow and discuss this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show (Wednesday @ 7 p.m.)

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Plenty has been said about last week's FSU win over Clemson. It was dominating, it was beautiful, and it was just fun to watch. No doubt, the 'Nole Nation is feeling good right now after seeing the win and watching FSU be positioned at number two in the first BCS poll. Adding to the optimism, this weekend Coach Bobby Bowden will be visiting for the first time since his retirement as Florida State takes on N.C. State in a revenge matchup. Things are positive right now, but the 'Noles have to keep winning (starting with N.C. State this upcoming weekend) if they want to keep having fun.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher and host Gene Deckerhoff will orchestrate the call-in show from the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in downtown Tallahassee at 7 p.m. EST. The show is often pretty entertaining, so we will be here to provide live updates for you to follow. Feel free to join in and give your thoughts in the comments section. Often the show is full of coach speak, so call in and ask Jimbo a creative question or two. The number to dial for the show is 877-99-NOLES.

The first link below will take you to the live video stream. The second will take you to the radio stream.

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know in the comments section below.