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Noles news 10.24.13: Florida State football

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Streeter Lecka

All 12 BCS National Championship contenders, ranked by odds of winning out -
Winning is hard. And the numbers say that most of the teams we think could win out from here probably won't. FSU's chances of winning out are almost exactly a coin flip.

The comments section is there.

Study Hall: Florida State 51, Clemson 14 - Football Study Hall
Advanced stats from Florida State's 51-14 win over Clemson on Saturday.

Unleashing the Sunshine State: How the Seminole offense is dominating the ACC - Football Study Hall
How the Seminole offense is utilizing Florida's elite bevy of athletes. I agree with some of this, but disagree with some other stuff. For instance, losing EJ Manuel has not made FSU's run game less effective. When comparing years, the huge difference is Chris Thompson.

Florida State Seminoles linebacker Terrance Smith not ashamed of his father's name - ESPN
Even after the tragic events that surrounded former Clemson wide receiver Terry Smith's death, his son, Terrance, a Florida State linebacker, still feels home in Clemson and holds on to the memory of a father he barely knew.

I am glad David got this story. I remember back when Smith committed, his family did not want the story being told.

N.C. State Keys to hell honey will you bring me a beer? - Backing The Pack
Aww...F it. N.C. State's preview of the game.

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