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Miami at Florida State: College Gameday sign ideas

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Now that College Gameday is officially coming to Tallahassee Saturday for the game against Miami, it's time to get the signs ready.I was thinking about some ideas for college gameday signs. Many of these came from Twitter. Post suggestions in the comments section. Myself or a contributor will update the list daily with the best of the best.

If you really like the sign, make it, and post the picture in the comments section, and it will be marked as claimed.

As a reminder, any sign making fun of Miami must use []_[] instead of the standard "U."

  1. Miami estimate of Gameday attendance: 1.2M fans
  2. 3 Hunna for Kenny Shaw
  3. Kenny Shaw is raw
  4. Jameis as Jesus
  5. OOOOOOO Kill'Em
  6. The book of Jameis
  7. Jameis as Heisenberg/Breaking bad
  8. Jimbo Breaking bad "I'm in the empire business"
  9. Reggie Northrup Robot
  10. "We gonna do it then, we do it big."
  11. "Bringing the swag back to Tallahassee"
  12. Something about James Coley?
  13. Nick O'Leary and Duck Dynasty (beard connection)
  14. "Hey, my brothers, put a smile on your face"
  15. "We ain't leaving without a victory"
  16. "Easy money when you have a lot of Greene"
  17. Am 6'6" (for Benjamin)
  18. Jacory Harris and Stephen Morris with shoes for hands and "arm P[]_[]NT" over it.
  19. Something about one of Miami's sanctions being forced to play FSU
  20. Something about Al Golden looking like a fat, sweaty fraternity pledge with his ridiculous outfit.