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Florida State football: Review the N.C. State preview

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we take a look back at our goals from the preview. This week, Florida State put together perhaps the most awesome quarter of football I have ever seen from the Seminoles. They threw the knockout punch very early.

This game entered garbage time when... N.C. State turned the ball over on downs with 13:08 left in the fourth quarter. Surprised? Me, too. But that was the first point in the game in which N.C. State could not have tied the game if it had scored on all remaining possessions plus an onside kick. And that's the definition of garbage time. That does tamp down those numbers some, but I think it says something that FSU can play seven combined drives with its second and third stringers against a team that beat the Seminoles in 2012 and still hit the marks.

Stats here

Offense (2/3*)

More than 7.5 yards a play before garbage time (375 yards on 50 plays, 450 yards on 60 plays, 525 yards on 70 plays)

496 yards and 42 points on just on 56 plays is flat out ridiculous. That's 8.9 yards/play, which is well over the goal by about 20%.

FSU's starters put up 416 on 45, which is 9.24 per play.

No more than 1 turnover

Fail here, as FSU did turn it over twice. However, I cannot worry too much, given that only one came from the first team.

60% or greater TDs in the red zone

Three trips. Three touchdowns. Perfect.

Defense (3/3)

Less than 4.5 yards/play allowed before garbage time (225 yards on 50 plays, 270 yards on 60 plays, 305 yards on 70 plays).

FSU hit this goal even playing the backups, allowing just 4.0 yards/play. And with its starters in, it was even more ridiculous, allowing just 2.3 yards/play. That is so nasty.

Force 2 turnovers

Three! Two picks and a fumble recovery. Oh, and two dropped picks.

Less than 50-percent touchdowns allowed in the red zone.

Just one of two for N.C. State in the red zone, and the starters did not allow N.C. State to run a play in the red zone.

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