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Video: Jameis Winston on Florida State's dominant win over Maryland

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Jeff Gammons

On acrobatic escape and TD pass to Nick O’Leary:

"I can’t tell you what the play was but I can tell you I actually held the ball too long. I just try to get it to the open guys; I know those guys work hard to get open. I’ve got that thrive just to get out of there. Cam [Erving, offensive tackle] was actually on the man at the time, so he was protecting me the whole time. I just slipped up out of it and Nick [O’Leary] was wide open for the touchdown. It was a great play."

On what coach Jimbo Fisher said on sideline afterward:

"He told me to, ‘Get the ball out of your hands,’ because he knew I held it too long. I said, ‘I gotcha Coach, I gotcha.’ He said, ‘Great play. Let’s keep rolling.’"

On Fisher’s smile shown on TV after that TD:

"He always has those little smirks. When he has that smirk he’s about to tell me that I did something wrong, but he’s also about to tell me, ‘Great play, but don’t let it happen again.’ That’s the one thing I love about Coach Fisher. Even if I make an outstanding play or we make a great touchdown or something, he’s always going to correct me and I need that."

On what’s getting easier now compared to Game 1:

"Everything. I think with the team that I have it’s always been easy. It’s probably slowing down a little bit more because I’m getting used to the speed and everything. Those guys around me – I have so many weapons – it has always been looking like that from my viewpoint and seeing the defenses and the way we prepare for other teams."

Enjoy this game or start thinking about Clemson:

"I’m going to enjoy this day right here because it felt like a Little League football game out there; 12 o’clock, the sun was out. I don’t think I saw a cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day, so I’m going to enjoy this day. I’m really looking forward to playing Clemson. They have a great team and we’re going to Death Valley. It’s a great environment. It should be fun."

On what was clicking for the offense:

"The defense was clicking. They kept giving us the ball, and when you keep giving our offense the ball, something’s going to happen. We pressed all practice like, ‘Guys, let’s start off fast.’ We even started practice faster just so we can we could get out rolling…. The defense kept giving us the ball. There weren’t any long drives that we were used to. Those guys [on defense] played an outstanding game and when you play an outstanding defensive game, defense wins championships."

Quotes courtesy FSU Sports Info