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Florida State football film review: Maryland 3rd quarter

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Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Maryland? Read to find out. FSU played at a high level in the first quarter, despite holding only a 7-0 lead. The high level of play would continue in later quarters, and the points would come.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

D/D Yard Formation Result Analysis
Craddock kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, WHITFIELD, K. return 12 yards to the FS12 (Davis), PENALTY FS illegal block (BLAKE, C.) 6 yards to the FS6, 1st and 10, FS ball on FS6. Kermit does a nice job taking it to the 31. His change of direction at speed is insane. He's actually faster than Karlos, even in pads. They're going to start kicking to Los again before long. Late flag for illegal block in the back.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 14:56.
1-10 at Fs06 WINSTON, J. at QB for Florida State.
1-10 at Fs06 21 pony WINSTON, J. deep pass complete to GREENE, R. for 48 yards to the UMD46, 1ST DOWN FS (I.Goins), clock 14:49. Rashad Greene beats the Maryland DB on a pure go route. Jameis puts it right in the bread basket on the outside shoulder. DB lines up like he's going to press, allows RG outside release, and Rashad is gone.
1-10 at Umd46 10 gun WINSTON, J. post pass complete to GREEN, C. for 22 yards to the UMD24, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 14:31. Trips right, three verticals. Christian Green runs a skinny post over the middle, Winston makes an excellent read. Throw is a bit behind Green, who makes an excellent play on the ball in the air.
1-10 at Umd24 10 gun WINSTON, J. sideline pass incomplete to GREEN, C., clock 14:15. 2x2. Whip route by Christian Green is poorly run and well covered. Doesn't get separation, Jameis throws it out and away. Green gets pulled off the field.
2-10 at Umd24 20 pony FREEMAN, D. rush left for loss of 5 yards to the UMD29 (Monroe), clock 14:00. Outside zone left from pony. Austin Barron can't reach Maryland's good nose tackle, and gets pushed into the backfield, where he finds and brings down Freeman. Their NT is a good player. Barron is a backup. If the responsibility is on Barron to call for a combo, this is on him.
3-15 at Umd29 10 gun WINSTON, J. rush QX for 20 yards to the UMD9, 1ST DOWN FS (Hendy), clock 13:23. Trips right, three verticals again. Cam Erving gets beat on an inside move after setting himself wide for speed rush. This is a good way to get beat by Vic Beasley up at Clemson. Jameis sense pressure, slides out of the pocket to the right. Winston evades 3 defenders before being taken down inside the 10. Could have been dumped down.
1-G at Umd09 21 I FREEMAN, D. rush right for 1 yard to the UMD8 (Robinson), clock 12:30. Zone play to right. O'Leary does a good job initially with his blocker, a large hole opens, but Maryland LB is able to get an arm free and bring Freeman down. May have been a TD if O'Leary can hold the block longer.
2-G at Umd08 21 pony WINSTON, J. middle pass complete to O'LEARY, N. for 8 yards to the UMD0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 12:18. O'Leary makes up for a poor block on the previous play. Excellent double move freezes the Maryland defender, and NOL is wide open. Easy one for Jameis. This ball was actually tipped at the line.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 28, Maryland 0
Drive: 7 plays, 94 yards, TOP 02:38
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 65 yards to the UMD0, touchback.
MARYLAND drive start at 12:18.
1-10 at Umd25 Rowe at QB for Maryland.
1-10 at Umd25 3-3-5 Rowe WS pass incomplete to Diggs, clock 12:14. Bad pass on a bubble from Rowe. Diggs probably could have had it, but it was poorly thrown.
2-10 at Umd25 3-3-5 Rowe crossing pass complete to King for 7 yards to the UMD32 (BROOKS, T.), clock 11:58. Quick rub play may have left King more open if Diggs were paying attention at the snap. Brooks does a good job tackling in space.
3-3 at Umd32 3-2-6 Rowe deep pass incomplete to Diggs, clock 11:39. Dime package in vs 4 WR set. Joyner disrupts Diggs at the line, Rowe overthrows the corner route. Good trail technique from Joyner
4-3 at Umd32 Renfro punt 38 yards to the FS30, PENALTY UMD kick catching interference (Hendy) 15 yards to the FS45, 1st and 10, FS ball on FS45. Stupid kick intererence penalty on Maryland player. Just not smart. We'll take it.
Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 00:48 Maryland playing sloppy against a defense playing well. Just doesn't work.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:30.
1-10 at Fs45 20 gun WINSTON, J. deep pass incomplete to GREENE, R., clock 11:21. Pony formation, play action. Wilder does a good job cutting blitzing corner, Winston exits the pocket right, sets his feet and fires at Greene's vertical downfield. Perfectly thrown ball. Rashad Green is literally tackled before he can get the ball. Would have been a touchdown. This is an insanely bad missed call from the refs. Rashad could have caught the ball here, but was probably distracted by the tackle before the ball got there.
2-10 at Fs45 10 gun WINSTON, J. crossing pass complete to GREEN, C. for 17 yards to the UMD38, 1ST DOWN FS (Nixon), clock 11:13. Could (should) have checked it down. Trips left, three verticals again. Benjamin is wide open on the short crosser. Winston throws it high and is bailed out by Green. May have sailed to safety behind Green here. The corners are covered, Green would have been hit hard if he caught this at chest height. This ball should go to KB, or even Wilder in flat. Great play from CG in the air again. Great vertical and hands, high points the ball.
1-10 at Umd38 10 gun WILDER, J. rush over right guard for 13 yards to the UMD25, 1ST DOWN FS (Nixon), clock 10:55. Trips right, outside zone right. Well blocked. After calling three verts from this set over and over, good change of pace gets an easy first down on the ground.
1-10 at Umd25 10 gun WINSTON, J. flag pass incomplete to SHAW, K., clock 10:34. 2x2 "tight" set. Double smash/whip. 5 man rush. Winston goes for the corner to Shaw but throws it late and wide. Not much depth to boundary side to work with. Christian Green was open on field side underneath.
2-10 at Umd25 10 gun WILDER, J. rush over left tackle for 4 yards to the UMD21 (Cudjoe-Virgil), clock 10:20. Trips left, outside zone left. Jackson gets pushed back by a blocker into Wilder, who spins away. Forward progress has him down before the spin.
3-6 at Umd21 10 gun WINSTON, J. deep out pass complete to SHAW, K. for 21 yards to the UMD0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:47. Scramble rule. 2x2, Cam begins to get beat on an inside move and Jameis rolls left. Shaw sees this from downfield and moves with his QB - good scramble rules awareness. Jameis just does an excellent job placing the ball where only Shaw can get it, and does it while on the run. Impressive throw and catch.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 35, Maryland 0
Drive: 6 plays, 55 yards, TOP 01:51
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 65 yards to the UMD0, Likely return 14 yards to the UMD14, fumble forced by JOYNER, L., fumble by Likely recovered by UMD TEAM at UMD14, out-of-bounds. Will Likely drops the ball, but recovers it quickly. Runs across the field, and Joyner takes a bad angle but recovers and brings him out by the 14. With a good angle it's at the 5.
MARYLAND drive start at 09:39.
1-10 at Umd14 3-3-5 Rowe middle pass complete to Stinebaugh for 13 yards to the UMD27, 1ST DOWN UMD. 4 man rush gives no pressure, and Rowe has plenty of time. Maryland TE does a nice job of using Brooks as a pick to get separation from Joyner on a crosser, good throw.
1-10 at Umd27 4-2-5 Rowe deep pass incomplete to King (BROOKS, T.), PENALTY UMD holding (Madaras) 10 yards to the UMD17, NO PLAY. Double 3 tech pass rushing DL alignment. King gets past Waisome, but Rowe throws him right into Brooks, who was coming in for a pick. This is a brutally bad decision from Rowe. Hold in the backfield brings it back, adding insult to injury for Maryland.
1-20 at Umd17 3-3-5 Rowe rush up middle for 3 yards to the UMD20 (SMITH, TEL.), clock 08:58. Inverted veer trap blocked. Pretty neat play. Rowe did a poor job running here, Brown probably could have grabbed another few yards here.
2-17 at Umd20 4-2-5 Rowe slant pass complete to Diggs for 5 yards to the UMD25, clock 08:38. Noles give cushion, Diggs runs quick hitch, falls down. Gets hurt. This is about the point when Randy Edsall just really wants to get back on the plane
3-12 at Umd25 4-2-5 Rowe deep out pass complete to Long for 19 yards to the UMD44, 1ST DOWN UMD, out-of-bounds, clock 07:58. Perfect cover, perfect throw, perfect catch. Long does a nice job getting off PJ's press, does an amazing job getting up and coming down in bounds for the well thrown ball from Rowe. Can't defend those.
1-10 at Umd44 3-3-5 Rowe rush QX for 6 yards to the 50 yardline. Pocket collapses around Rowe, runs up the open middle against man coverage, slides for the easy yards.
2-4 at Umd50 3-3-5 Rowe MR pass incomplete to Culmer (WAISOME, N.), clock 07:19. Excellent coverage from Waisome on a dig. Much bigger man, Waisome makes a nice play.
3-4 at Umd50 3-3-5 Rowe middle pass incomplete to Diggs, QB hurry by JOYNER, L., clock 07:15. This is a neat pass rushing package. 55 at 5, 8 at 0, 44 at 5 with 7 at 7 on his side. From the other side, 20 blitzes. 22 blitzes through the middle. 6 men, cover 0 blitz. Joyner nearly gets home and forces a bad pass from Rowe. Hope we don't have to resort to cover 0 blitzing often, but it worked here.
4-4 at Umd50 Renfro punt 36 yards to the FS14, SHAW, K. return 3 yards to the FS17 (Reid;Parcher). Just nowhere to go.
Drive: 7 plays, 36 yards, TOP 02:34 Good defense. Only conversion was on an excellent throw and catch.
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:05.
1-10 at Fs17 20 pony FREEMAN, D. rush up middle for 9 yards to the FS26 (Nixon), clock 06:46. Counter from pony. Erving pulls from play side, and the yards on this are more from confusion than effective blocking. Freeman does an excellent job recognizing a gap between defenders and running right through it. 8 continues to do well against the Terps.
2-1 at Fs26 21 I FREEMAN, D. rush over right guard for 2 yards to the FS28, 1ST DOWN FS (Davis;Riser), clock 06:18. Zone right. Freeman probably could have run it right at the line here. He cut it upfield and ran into the back of a defender. Looks as if he slipped a bit trying to make a cut, but hard to tell with camera angle.
1-10 at Fs28 20 pony WINSTON, J. sideline pass complete to BENJAMIN, K. for 9 yards to the FS37 (Likely), clock 05:25. Excellent touch on an out to Benjamin. Jameis puts this right up over the LB and into KB's hands.
2-1 at Fs37 20 pony WILDER, J. rush over left tackle for 10 yards to the FS47, 1ST DOWN FS (Goree), clock 05:13. Zone left. Freeman crosses right, seals backside, and Wilder cuts upfield. Gets past first down line and runs into a Maryland defender that should've been blocked by 54. 54 isn't well aware of his spacing, thinking he sealed a hole behind him. Wilder powers over the LB and gets an extra 6, 3 of which are just falling forward.
1-10 at Fs47 20 pony FREEMAN, D. rush right for loss of 2 yards to the FS45 (Farrand), clock 04:39. Third play in a row in no huddle. They like the mismatch they have here - LB has to line up over Shaw in the slot. Counter trey, Matias and Erving pull. 75 makes a good block, 70 misses his man who tackles 8 behind the line. Matias slams the ground in frustratin with himself. Just didn't get the right angle on the LB.
2-12 at Fs45 10 gun WINSTON, J. flag pass complete to SHAW, K. for 33 yards to the UMD22, 1ST DOWN FS (Farrand), clock 04:05. Trips left, Maryland brings five men. Protection slides left, leaving Freeman on an LB. Winston does a good job to get out of the pocket to the right as it collapses, and hits Shaw on the slant downfield. Complete mismatch. Shaw being covered in man by an LB. Gets toward right sideline, makes DB miss, then LB miss, goes down just outside the 20. Maryland has just 5 DBs on the field to cover FSU's 4 WR set. This is a win for FSU every time. This is where they miss their starting corners. Could be playing dime with more DB helath. While 5 does a good job keeping his eyes downfield, he had Christian Green wide open for a TD left side of the field. May not have been able to set his feet and throw it, though.
1-10 at Umd22 11 gun FREEMAN, D. rush over left end for 6 yards to the UMD16 (Nixon), clock 03:31. Package play. Bubble and sweep left. Center and playside tackle (75) pull left. Freeman should have bounced this outside. Had green grass outside. Does a nice job of fighting for extra yards inside.
2-4 at Umd16 11 gun FREEMAN, D. rush over right tackle for 5 yards to the UMD11, 1ST DOWN FS (Nixon;Robinson), clock 03:05. Package play. Bubble and sweep right. Center and playside tackle (51) pull right. Erving appears to pull as well from backside. He actually misses his man, but Freeman cuts behind him and upfield. Does a good job getting the first. This play is interesting, because we actually miss multiple blocks, but confuse the front 7 enough to get space.
1-10 at Umd11 11 singleback FREEMAN, D. rush over right guard for loss of 1 yard to the UMD12 (Monroe), clock 02:24. Zone right. Matias gets beat reaching for nose tackle. Blown up in backfield.
2-11 at Umd12 11 gun WINSTON, J. sideline pass complete to O'LEARY, N. for 12 yards to the UMD0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:50. This is "the play". Sportscenter #1 on top 10. Both tackles are blown back into Winston, he manages to escape, spin around left side of line towards the right, then fires an immaculately placed ball to O'Leary in the corner of the end zone. All Jimbo can do is chuckle to himself. Amazing.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good. Great drive all around. Efficient and methodical. Ten plays, 83 yards, and never got to a single third down.
Florida State 42, Maryland 0
Drive: 10 plays, 83 yards, TOP 05:21
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 54 yards to the UMD11, Likely return 11 yards to the UMD22 (SMITH, TEL.;WILLIAMS, P.J.). Pooch kick. Nowhere for Likely to go. This seems to be a decent wrinkle so far.
MARYLAND drive start at 01:44.
1-10 at Umd22 4-2-5 Rowe sacked for loss of 9 yards to the UMD13 (CASHER, C.), clock 01:27. Casher does an excellent job faking outside, then using his hands to go inside, Rowe doesn't have time to throw it away and can't evade Casher. This kid is going to be very good.
2-19 at Umd13 4-2-5 Reid rush over left tackle for 3 yards to the UMD16 (SMITH, TEL.), clock 00:55. Counter. Telvin does a good job diagnosing the play and meeting Reid in the hole.
3-16 at Umd16 3-2-6 PENALTY UMD false start (Madaras) 5 yards to the UMD11, clock 00:26. DL lines up 5-2-5, Casher standing up field side. False start.
3-21 at Umd11 3-2-6 Rowe deep in pass complete to King for 26 yards to the UMD37, fumble forced by BROOKS, T., fumble by King recovered by FS DARBY, R. at UMD37, DARBY, R. for 16 yards to the UMD21 (Etta). Casher lines up like a Mike here. King catches deep crosser, gets past first down line, Brooks strips the ball as he tackles him. Ball comes right into Darby's hands before hitting the ground. Darby does an impromptu audition for punt returner before going down.
Drive: 3 plays, 15 yards, TOP 01:44
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 00:00, FS ball on UMD21.
Florida State 42, Maryland 0