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Noles News 11.12.13: Review the preview

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we take a look back at the preview and judge how Florida State did relative to our expectations.

Garbage time officially began when... Wake Forest punted with 3:57 left in the third quarter. At that point, Wake had only five possessions left. Even if it had scored 8 on all remaining drives, and got an onside kick and done the same, it would not have been able to catch FSU's 52-point lead.


More than 8.0 yards a play before garbage time (400 yards on 50 plays, 480 yards on 60 plays, 560 yards on 70 plays)

Florida State gained 276 yards on 56 plays, good for (bad for?) 4.9 yards/play. That's way below the goal, which may have been too aggressive for Wake's stout defense.

However, I wouldn't worry about this too much. The offense was clearly screwing around after the 35-point lead just 16 minutes into the ballgame. Jameis Winston said in the postgame that on his interception, he was trying to get Giorgio Newberry a catch when he should have ran for the easy first down. I saw other instances of FSU's offense doing things it was not supposed to be doing as well.

No more than 1 turnover

Two turnovers -- the pick and the fumble. Fail.

75% or greater TDs in the red zone

5 of 6 is well above goal. Good work.


Less than 3.5 yards/play allowed before garbage time (175 yards on 50 plays, 210 yards on 60 plays, 245 yards on 70 plays).

112 yards on 41 plays. I mean, uh, wow. 2.7 yards/play. That is insane. Wake gained only five first downs against FSU's starting defense.

Force 2 turnovers

Two? Try seven.

Less than 50% touchdowns allowed in the red zone.

Wake did not score a touchdown at all, so...

What a weird game.

Idaho game time & TV announced: 3:30 on ESPNU

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