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PG Robbie Berwick picks FSU

The California point guard committed to FSU during the first half of the FSU-Miami game

Jonathan Daniel

While all Florida State eyes are focused on the massive football matchup with the Canes tonight, coach Leonard Hamilton and FSU hoops quietly made some news this evening. 6-4 PG Robbie Berwick (Atascadero, CA) committed to the Noles at a press conference hosted by his high school. Berwick is the 2nd recruit in this cycle, joining PF Cinmeon Bowers.

Berwick has largely gone under the radar as he plays in a bit of no-man's land in California. Atascadero is inland from Morro Bay, and more than 3 hours south of San Francisco and 3 hours north of Los Angeles. This summer he was invited to the prestigious Pangos camp in LA where the FSU staff was able to get a better look. Berwick chose FSU over Colorado State, UTEP, and Fresno State. He also had an offer from Harvard.

His game will remind many of Nole alumnus Luke Loucks. Like Loucks he's the quarterback for his high school team, and while he has good vision and size, he's not the most explosive player. One difference is that Berwick isn't a strict spot up shooter, but can hit 3s off curls and step backs.

I like this addition as it gives FSU two guards in the freshman class (along with XRM) who have good size and can play on or off the ball.