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Noles News 11.20.13: Podcast is back

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State football news and notes is back today with another episode of the podcast. We discuss things like, well, Jameis Winston, Florida State's dominating win over Syracuse, how badly the Seminoles will beat down Idaho, the ACC bowl selection process, etc.

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In this Tallahassee Democrat report, we finally have TPD confirmation of something we reported -- the alleged victim did not want to proceed with the case early in the year. The TPD also says that it switched the case from inactive to active not to prevent media from obtaining the non-redacted reports, but because of new information. Do you believe them? Or is the timing with all of the media requests just too much of a coincidence for you?

And what do you make of the response from the alleged victim's attorney? Could requesting copies of all medical and blood tox screening records and results be setting up for a potential civil action?

There is also no new word on whether the alleged victim has actually been re-interviewed or met with by SA Willy Meggs, as the AP reported was going to happen.

Also, what are your thoughts on the comments by Meggs and Jansen over the last week?

Is Meggs getting his shots in at TPD right now so that he can have a reason not to charge Winston? Is Jansen worried, or is he so confident Winston won't be charged that he is making sure he won't be tried in the media, either? What do you think?

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | 2013 OVERALL COLLEGE FOOTBALL RATINGS
FSU No. 1. Idaho No. 119.

Study Hall: Florida State 59, Syracuse 3 - Football Study Hall Syracuse had a rushing success rate of 0.00% before garbage time. Wow.

The Numerical, Week 12: USC starts hot, Baylor adapts, Wisconsin eats souls -

Before Saturday, this was the number of times in the David Cutcliffe era in which Duke had gone over 250 yards rushing. That came on August 31, when the Blue Devils gained 257 on poor N.C. Central. But Duke absolutely steamrolled Miami late, rushing for 358 yards against the Hurricanes. Josh Snead, who had just two career 100-yard rushing games, went for 138 yards in just nine carries; Jela Duncan, who had just two games over 75 yards, went for 98 on 16 carries. Shaquille Powell threw in 59 yards on seven carries, and quarterback Brandon Connette found the end zone four times. Miami needed a couple of stops to get back in what eventually became a 48-30 loss, but the Hurricanes could not for the life of them figure out how to stop a Duke ground game that usually stops itself just fine.

And here's my opportunity to once again point out that if Duke wins out against Wake Forest and (a smoking hot) North Carolina, the Blue Devils will make the ACC title game. In football. You're incredible, Coach Cutcliffe.

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