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Florida State 41, Miami 14: Jimbo Fisher postgame video interview

Jimbo Fisher had a lot to say in his postgame video interview after his Seminoles crushed Miami 41-14. Fisher discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • The play of Jameis Winston. What did Fisher say to Winston after the interceptions? What did he say to his freshman quarterback at halftime?
  • What did Jimbo Fisher think of the win?
  • Does Jimbo Fisher plan to vote Florida State No. 1 in the coaches poll?
  • What did Jimbo Fisher learn about his football team?
  • What was the key for the defense after the first few drives
  • What does Jimbo Fisher think of Miami?
  • What does the win mean to Fisher's multiple players from South Florida?
  • What went through Fisher's head when he decided to call the screen pass that gave Florida state a two-touchdown lead?
  • And more from the head coach.

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