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VIDEO: Jameis Winston Florida State v. Miami postgame interview

Jameis Winston was in excellent form Saturday night after Florida State's win over Miami.

Winston said he knew the running backs would have a "field day" with Miami being so conservative and dropping seven and eight into coverage.

Winston told his team "the party just started" after the scrum between Bobby Hart and Anthony Chickillo. He told Hart that he had his back, and that he needed him on the field (meaning do not get ejected).

"For all the people who have played here, it's not only for us, it's for them. It means a lot."

Winston promised his defense and team at the half that he would not turn the ball over any more in this game. He said that the team knew he meant business.

Winston said that baseball experience helps him in dealing with failure. He mentioned striking out twice and having to be ready for another at bat.

Winston believes the Seminoles deserve a shot at the national title should they finish undefeated.

Winston said the team is "special" when asked what it said about the team that it could win by four touchdowns despite not playing its best game.

Winston said he knew that Devonta Freeman was ready. He said that the Miami players on the team don't want to go home and hear about the Hurricanes.

Winston said that coach Fisher told him to stay poised after the interception and that "you know we don't read that." Winston says he knew he should have hit Kenny Shaw, and that Fisher knows what he is thinking before he can even tell him.

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