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Florida State football film review: Miami 1st quarter

This takes forever to put together. Please share it with your fellow Seminoles. Quarters two through four will be up later.

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Miami? Did the result have more to do with FSU playing well or the opponent playing poorly, or luck? Read to find out.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

And this takes forever for our staff to put together, so please do share it on facebook and tweet it liberally via the buttons below.

Down/Distance Yard Formation Result Analysis
1-10 at Fs28 WINSTON, J. at QB for Florida State.
1-10 at Fs28 11 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. crossing pass complete to BENJAMIN, K. for 11 yards to the FS39, 1ST DOWN FS (Jimmy Gaines), clock 14:41. Snag concept to the field. Miami's back 7 drops very deep, KB is open on the snag route.
1-10 at Fs39 21 Singleback Tight WINSTON, J. ML pass complete to GREENE, R. for 9 yards to the FS48, clock 13:57. FSU is in 21 personnel, but Nick O'leary and Chad Abrams are in the slot in a compressed set. Curl flat concept. Nice quick throw on target.
2-1 at Fs48 11 Gun WINSTON, J. post pass incomplete to SHAW, K., clock 13:37. 3 Verts vs Cover 3. Kenny Shaw bends his route inside and Jameis is expecting him to continue straight upfield.
3-1 at Fs48 22 WILDER, J. rush over left tackle for 5 yards to the UM47, 1ST DOWN FS (A. Chickillo), clock 13:24. Miami seems to be expecting a play action pass. They have only 7 defenders in the box versus a heavy set and send a late safety blitz from the field. FSU runs inside zone to the boundary and blows Miami's DL completely off the ball.
1-10 at Um47 22 WILDER, J. rush over left guard for 4 yards to the UM43 (Justin Renfrow), clock 12:55. Miami switches to a 3-4 look but is still playing the safeties back. If Miami is going to try and match 7 defenders against 8 blockers, there is no reason to do anything but keep running it. the FSU OL re-establishes the line of scrimmage 5 yards downfield on the same inside zone to the boundary.
2-6 at Um43 10 Gun WINSTON, J. deep pass incomplete to GREEN, C. (Ladarius Gunter), clock 12:36. Some variation of a smash route route here. Jameis puts it directly on Christian Green in a tight window. Green needs to come down with this.
3-6 at Um43 11 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. screen pass complete to FREEMAN, D. for 10 yards to the UM33, 1ST DOWN FS (R. Jenkins;Ladarius Gunter), clock 12:22. Miami runs an End-Tackle twist and Tre Jackson fails to pick it up. Jameis evades the rush and finds Devonta, who Miami has been diligently leaving open on every play.
1-10 at Um33 21 FREEMAN, D. rush over left end for 3 yards to the UM30 (D. Perryman;Jimmy Gaines), clock 11:50. Denzel Perryman crosses the hash from his linebacker spot when O'Leary motions across the formation. This makes Tre Jackson's cutoff block nearly impossible to get on the outside zone play. FSU needs to come back with the same motion and hit a weakside run.
2-7 at Um30 PENALTY FS false start (MATIAS, J.) 5 yards to the UM35, clock 11:24.
2-12 at Um35 10 Gun WINSTON, J. screen pass incomplete to FREEMAN, D., clock 11:01. First attempt at the screen pass. Miami isn't blitzing, but the secondary is dropping so deep that the screen would have gone a long way anyway. Just an overthrow from Jameis.
3-12 at Um35 10 Gun WINSTON, J. rush QX for 19 yards to the UM16, 1ST DOWN FS (D. Perryman), clock 10:52. Hard to tell what the pass play is. Maybe post wheel or X cross. Miami gets a free rusher by blitzing off the edge and looping the DE across the formation. Jameis eludes the blitzer and picks up the first with his feet.
1-10 at Um16 21 FREEMAN, D. rush over left tackle for no gain to the UM16 (T. Cornileus;L. Robinson), clock 10:10. So Josue Matias is pulling on a power play and gets blown up in the hole by Olson Pierre who then makes the tackle. This is not actually his fault. Bobby Hart is supposed to downblock Pierre but is slow out of his stance and Miami is slanting their DL away from Hart.
2-10 at Um16 21 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. MR pass complete to GREENE, R. for 11 yards to the UM5, 1ST DOWN FS (D. Perryman), clock 09:47. Curl flat to the field. Good route and throw.
1-G at Um05 22 FREEMAN, D. rush over right guard for 5 yards to the UM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:16. Having seen Miami over-adjust to the tight end motion a few plays ago, Jimbo comes back and runs to the side away from the motion. Inside zone extra and Chad Abram does a great job finding the cutback lane and leading through it.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a touchdown.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 7, Miami 0
Drive: 13 plays, 72 yards, TOP 05:51
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 58 yards to the UM7, Duke Johnson return 16 yards to the UM23 (ANDREWS, N.).
1-10 at Um23 MIAMI drive start at 09:09.
1-10 at Um23 Stephen Morris at QB for Miami.
1-10 at Um23 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush over left guard for 4 yards to the UM27 (JERNIGAN, T.), clock 08:51. Somewhat bizarre decision by Pruitt to open in nickel vs. Miami's 22 personnel. Miami has an overload to the field with two tightends to the flank being defended by Lamarcus Joyner and Ronald Darby. Considering the personnel/alignment mismtach, keeping the power play to a 4 yard gain is good defense.
2-6 at Um27 4-3 Duke Johnson rush right for 10 yards to the UM37, 1ST DOWN UM, out-of-bounds (RAMSEY, J.), clock 08:43. FSU realizes the personnel disadvantage and substitutes but the defense is not lined up in their stances at the start and give up a big gain.
1-10 at Um37 4-3 Under Stephen Morris deep out pass incomplete to Clive Walford, dropped pass, clock 08:25. Following two successful runs FSU drops Terrence Brooks into the box. Miami motions the TE across the formation and runs a bench route in front of the deep third defender. It's open, good throw, he just drops it.
2-10 at Um37 3-3-5 Duke Johnson rush over left tackle for 14 yards to the FS49, 1ST DOWN UM (JOYNER, L.), clock 08:13. FSU is not lined up properly and the players are arguing with each other as to how to line up. Unsurprisingly they are unprepared at the snap and Miami hits a big run to the obvious bubble on the strong side.
1-10 at Fs49 4-2-5 Stephen Morris WS pass complete to Allen Hurns for 6 yards to the FS43 (JOYNER, L.), clock 07:55. Bubble check to the boundary. Joyner and Darby do a good job defeating the blocks, but don't get across the receiver's body. The hits from the side allow the receiver to fall forward.
2-4 at Fs43 4-2-5 D. Crawford rush over right tackle for 1 yard to the FS42 (SMITH, TERR.), clock 07:09. It looks like this is supposed to be a power play but there is a miscommunication as to which side it should be run to. Both of Miami's guards pull in opposite directions and run into each other. As one would expect, the play fails.
3-3 at Fs42 4-2-5 Stephen Morris ML pass complete to Clive Walford for 13 yards to the FS29, 1ST DOWN UM (BROOKS, T.), clock 06:29. Telvin Smith is caught looking in the backfield in man coverage and allows the tight end to get by off the line.
1-10 at Fs29 4-3 Under Duke Johnson rush over right guard for 2 yards to the FS27 (JERNIGAN, T.), clock 06:10. Tremendous job of squeezing the power run by Stample and Goldman, and Jernigan sheds the center's block and makes the tackle.
2-8 at Fs27 4-3 Under Duke Johnson rush right for no gain to the FS27 (BROOKS, T.;GOLDMAN, E.), clock 05:35. Counter-trey. This drive is like a greatest hits of the runs that worked for Pitt and BC. Miami LG Jon Feliciano runs right by Terrence Brooks, allowing him to make the tackle for no gain.
3-8 at Fs27 4-2-5 Stephen Morris sideline pass incomplete to Stacy Coley, clock 05:15. Quick hitch and gosh, this is just ridiculously good coverage. Coley runs a really aggressive stem and PJ Williams is in his hip pocket and is still able to smother Coley when he breaks the route off. Sophomores shouldn't be this good.
4-8 at Fs27 Matt Goudis field goal attempt from 44 MISSED - wide left, spot at FS27, clock 05:11.
Drive: 11 plays, 50 yards, TOP 03:58
1-10 at Fs27 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 05:11.
1-10 at Fs27 20 Gun FREEMAN, D. rush over right guard for 2 yards to the FS29 (D. Perryman), clock 04:45. Think Jameis should probably check out of this run as Miami has 7 in the box and there are only 6 blockers. Denzel Perryman is left unblocked and makes the tackle.
2-8 at Fs29 10 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. flag pass incomplete to SHAW, K., clock 04:29. Bench concept to the boundary and Kenny Shaw does get a foot down but later drops the ball. Very close to being a great play.
3-8 at Fs29 10 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. deep pass intercepted by Deon Bush at the UM35, Deon Bush return 0 yards to the UM35. Just a poor decision and throw here. There's no throwing lane and the error is compounded when Jameis throws off his back foot. High throws over the middle will cost you.
Drive: 3 plays, 2 yards, TOP 00:50
1-10 at Um35 MIAMI drive start at 04:21.
1-10 at Um35 4-3 Under Duke Johnson rush right for 2 yards to the UM37 (JONES, C.), PENALTY FS face mask (JONES, C.) 15 yards to the FS48, 1ST DOWN UM, clock 04:10. FSU does a great job squeezing the inside zone. Christian Jones in particular does a nice job shedding the block and making the tackle on the cutback. He did not grasp the facemask, but Johnson's helmet got turned and that nearly always draws a flag.
1-10 at Fs48 1st and 10.
1-10 at Fs48 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush over right tackle for 6 yards to the FS42 (JONES, C.), clock 03:49. Jaccobi McDaniels gets pancaked by Feliciano on the outside zone play, opening up a big cutback lane.
2-4 at Fs42 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush over left guard for 2 yards to the FS40 (MCALLISTER, D.), clock 03:26. Counter trey from gun. Christian Jones squeezes the play very well, Telvin takes on the pulling lineman in the hole and McAllister sheds his block and gets the tackle. Very nice team defense.
3-2 at Fs40 4-3 Under Duke Johnson rush right for 7 yards to the FS33, 1ST DOWN UM (SMITH, TERR.;EDWARDS, M.), clock 03:00. Demonte McAllister gets blown off the ball by a double team so badly that it cuts off the backers trying to scrape outside.
1-10 at Fs33 4-2-5 Stephen Morris deep pass complete to Allen Hurns for 33 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN UM, TOUCHDOWN, clock 02:43. As we have discussed all year, with the corners taught to play a trail technique, throws will be open if the QB can't hit the receiver perfectly in stride. This is just one heck of a throw by Morris. Tip your cap.
Matt Goudis kick attempt good.
Miami 7, Florida State 7
Drive: 5 plays, 65 yards, TOP 01:49
Pat O'Donnell kickoff 57 yards to the FS8, WILLIAMS, K. return 13 yards to the FS21 (A. Crawford).
1-10 at Fs21 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 02:32.
1-10 at Fs21 21 Singleback Tight FREEMAN, D. rush up middle for 19 yards to the FS40, 1ST DOWN FS (Tracy Howard), clock 02:24. Just beautiful execution of the outside zone scheme. The guards get to the second level, including a great cutoff block by Tre Jackson.
1-10 at Fs40 21 FREEMAN, D. rush left for 8 yards to the FS48 (Jimmy Gaines), clock 01:45. Same personnel, different formation, same play. Just mashing them.
2-2 at Fs48 FREEMAN, D. rush left for 4 yards to the UM48 (Jimmy Gaines), PENALTY FS holding (ERVING, C.) 10 yards to the FS38, NO PLAY, clock 01:14.
2-12 at Fs38 11 Gun FREEMAN, D. rush over left end for 3 yards to the FS41 (T. Cornileus), clock 00:37. Outside zone left for the fourth straight play. Matias gets great initial push but allows the defender to shed his block and make the tackle.
3-9 at Fs41 10 Gun Tight WINSTON, J. sideline pass complete to O'LEARY, N. for 9 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN FS (Tracy Howard), clock 00:05. FSU runs off the coverage with a series of vertical routes then hits a delayed flat route to O'Leary. O'Leary pass blocks inititally before going out into his route. After the catch he runs over two defenders to secure the first down.
Drive: 4 plays, 29 yards, TOP 06:54
Miami 7, Florida State 7

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