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Florida State football film review: Miami 2nd quarter

Every week we break down the result of the previous game. Who really played well for the Seminoles against Miami? Did the result have more to do with FSU playing well or the opponent playing poorly, or luck? Read to find out.

Note: there are certain schematic and tendency things we do not discuss in these reviews out of respect for our sources, the school and coaching staff.

Previously: 1st quarter

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D/D Yard Formation Result Analysis
1-10 at Fs50 11 gun FREEMAN, D. rush left for loss of 2 yards to the FS48 (Shayon Green), clock 14:33. Zone read, Cam Erving oversteps and gets beat inside by a slant.
2-12 at Fs48 11 gun WINSTON, J. sideline pass complete to FREEMAN, D. for 7 yards to the UM45, out-of-bounds (Shayon Green), clock 14:15. Looks like some sort of 4 verts concept, Miami keeps playing such soft, conservative defense, Freeman open for the dump off.
3-5 at Um45 11 gun WINSTON, J. rush QX for 6 yards to the UM39, 1ST DOWN FS (D. Perryman), clock 13:34. Curl flat concepts, Miami with another fire zone blitz here, well executed, but Winston sees flow and scrambles for the first. Pass pro was OK. Miami DE Muhammad has a good burst off the edge.
1-10 at Um39 PENALTY FS false start (STORK, B.) 5 yards to the UM44, clock 13:00.
1-15 at Um44 11 gun WINSTON, J. deep pass complete to BENJAMIN, K. for 35 yards to the UM9, 1ST DOWN FS, clock 12:42. This is not the best decision by Jameis Winston, throwing deep into cover 2, bug Kelvin Benjamin is 6'6, and Miami's safety takes a horrible angle. This is a good example of how not only would the vast majority of Miami's starters not start for FSU, but some wouldn't even be on scholarship. That kid can't play.
1-G at Um09 11 gun WINSTON, J. rush quarterback draw for 2 yards to the UM7 (Shayon Green), clock 11:58. Designed QB draw out of a zone read/bubble type package look. Miami not fooled.
2-G at Um07 10 gun WINSTON, J. rush QX for 6 yards to the UM1 (D. Perryman), clock 11:08. Miami is covering so well, Winston goes through three reads, has a lot of time, is finally pressured, and then does some great scrambling.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is short of touchdown.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
3-G at Um01 GL WILDER, J. rush over right end for 1 yard to the UM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:42. Inside zone. Too powerful. Stork great footwork out of the snap.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 14, Miami 7
Drive: 11 plays, 79 yards, TOP 06:54 This was a huge F-you to Miami. Canes kept playing such soft coverage, and FSU just took what it was given.
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 64 yards to the UM1, Artie Burns return 21 yards to the UM22 (SMITH, TEL.;ELIGWE, U.). Not a good kickoff. He missed it. Luckily this was great coverage.
MIAMI drive start at 10:38.
1-10 at Um22 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush left for loss of 2 yards to the UM20 (SMITH, TERR.;JOYNER, L.), clock 10:26. FIVE STARS. As in, five-star recruits Mario Edwards Jr. and Eddie Goldman whip their men on the lead play. Goldman dominates a double team.
2-12 at Um20 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush right for loss of 2 yards to the UM18 (SMITH, TEL.), clock 09:28. Poorly run play by Miami. They don't block Christian Jones, who turns Duke Johnson inside. Whistle blows, Telvin Smith releases him, and then there is the controversy about whether the forward progress had been stopped. Smith could have body slammed him. Also, Smith is badly held. Initial contact is the 19, he is driven back to the 14.5. all while Telvin is being held.
3-14 at Um18 Timeout Miami, clock 09:07.
3-14 at Um18 4-1-6 Stephen Morris post pass complete to Allen Hurns for 30 yards to the UM48, 1ST DOWN UM (RAMSEY, J.;JOYNER, L.), clock 09:00. I think Andrews is supposed to re-route the receiver here and he does not get it done. FSU had 8 in coverage. Bad defense.
1-10 at Um48 PENALTY UM false start (Clive Walford) 5 yards to the UM4-3, clock 08:51.
1-15 at Um4-3 4-3 Duke Johnson rush over left tackle for loss of 1 yard to the UM42 (EDWARDS, M.), clock 08:17. Goldman and Edwards squeeze this power play and there is nowhere for Duke to go.
2-16 at Um42 3-3-5 Stephen Morris slant pass incomplete to Allen Hurns (Williams, P.J.), clock 07:57. Blitz, ball out quick, P.J. Williams gets a hand in.
3-16 at Um42 4-1-6 Stephen Morris deep pass incomplete to Stacy Coley, clock 07:51. FSU drops 8 again, gets very little pressure. Coley may actually be open here, but the throw is poor.
4-16 at Um42 Pat O'Donnell punt 58 yards to the FS0, touchback. Major error by Miami. Almost got FSU pinned inside its own 5.
Drive: 6 plays, 20 yards, TOP 02:55
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:4-3.
1-10 at Fs20 10 gun WILLIAMS, K. rush left for 11 yards to the FS31, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds, clock 07:37. Stretch, nice blocks by Stork, Erving and Matias, and excellent vision from Karlos Williams.
1-10 at Fs31 10 gun FREEMAN, D. rush right for loss of 1 yard to the FS30 (Shayon Green), clock 06:52. Same play, Miami strings it out and is disciplined.
2-11 at Fs30 11 gun WINSTON, J. flag pass complete to SHAW, K. for 21 yards to the UM49, 1ST DOWN FS (Deon Bush), clock 06:26. GREAT throw and catch. Miami drops 8 into coverage again and Winston fits them in when they don't squeeze coverage enough. Great catch.
1-10 at Um49 21 FREEMAN, D. rush left for 1 yard to the UM48 (L. Robinson), clock 05:42. Bad luck. FSU runs stretch to the boundary into a corner blitz.
2-9 at Um48 Timeout Florida State, clock 05:18.
2-9 at Um48 11 gun WINSTON, J. screen pass complete to FREEMAN, D. for 48 yards to the UM0, 1ST DOWN FS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:08. What an awesome screen. And to call it into a big, slow developing blitz? Sometimes you get lucky, like Miami did on the previous play.
AGUAYO, R. kick attempt good.
Florida State 21, Miami 7
Drive: 5 plays, 80 yards, TOP 02:35
AGUAYO, R. kickoff 65 yards to the UM0, touchback. Awesome kick. Super high and far.
MIAMI drive start at 05:08.
1-10 at Um25 4-3 Duke Johnson rush left for 1 yard to the UM26 (JERNIGAN, T.;SMITH, TERR.), clock 04:46. Edwards Jr. and Stample dominate Miami's left side. FSU is whipping Miami's run game.
2-9 at Um26 4-3 Stephen Morris sacked for loss of 14 yards to the UM12 (EDWARDS, M.), clock 04:13. This is the play when FSU covers very well off play action, and Edwards beats TWO different blockers consecutively for the sack before tossing Morris like a rag doll.
3-23 at Um12 3-2-6 Stephen Morris screen pass complete to Herb Waters for 1 yard to the UM13 (EDWARDS, M.), clock 03:34. Screwed up play action or draw look, not sure what this is supposed to be, but the margin of error against FSU's defense is very slim and FSU destroys this.
4-22 at Um13 Pat O'Donnell punt 50 yards to the FS37, fair catch by SHAW, K.. Oh to have a punter.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 12 yards, TOP 01:56
FLORIDA STATE drive start at 03:12.
1-10 at Fs37 11 gun WILLIAMS, K. rush right for 6 yards to the FS4-3 (Alex Figueroa;Shayon Green), clock 02:53. Stretch, very well blocked. If Williams cuts back he might have a 63-yarder.
2-4 at Fs4-3 PENALTY FS false start (HART, B.) 5 yards to the FS38, clock 02:33.
2-9 at Fs38 11 gun WINSTON, J. crossing pass intercepted by R. Jenkins at the UM4-3, R. Jenkins return 0 yards to the UM4-3. This is on Nick O'Leary, though the miscommunication is small. He needs to get his head around earlier and slow down through the zone. Winston is trying to make sure he doesn't get killed by the defender on the other side. This is an awesome freshman QB. You can also read Winston's lips saying this on the broadcast.
Drive: 2 plays, 1 yards, TOP 01:07
MIAMI drive start at 02:05.
1-10 at Um4-3 3-3-5 Duke Johnson rush over left end for 12 yards to the FS45, 1ST DOWN UM (JONES, C.;WILLIAMS, P.J.), clock 01:57. Miami does a good job getting to the second level on FSU's backers on the power play.
1-10 at Fs45 4-2-5 Stephen Morris middle pass complete to Clive Walford for 20 yards to the FS25, 1ST DOWN UM (RAMSEY, J.), clock 01:38. This is a blown coverage after Terrance Smith gets sucked up by play action. I think it's cover-2.
1-10 at Fs25 4-2-5 Duke Johnson rush left for no gain to the FS25 (SMITH, TEL.), clock 01:12. Oh, five-star defensive linemen overwhelming Miami's offensive line, you say? Yep. Edwards, Goldman, Jernigan.
2-10 at Fs25 3-3-5 Stephen Morris sideline pass incomplete to Allen Hurns, clock 00:47. Miami's play action here just sucks. The play design is poor. The fake is too quick for the type of run action shown IMO. Also, FSU is in a corner blitz and Morris should complete this ball but does not. Bad throw.
3-10 at Fs25 2-3-6 Stephen Morris rush QX for 9 yards to the FS16, out-of-bounds, clock 00:39. FSU shows big blitz, backs out, Eligwe can't quite get to Morris and is held, and Morris has a big lane to scramble.
4-1 at Fs16 GL Duke Johnson rush left for 1 yard to the FS15, 1ST DOWN UM (JERNIGAN, T.;SMITH, TERR.). This is actually a bad call by Al Golden. Yes, it worked. And yes, Miami needs touchdowns not field goals to beat FSU. And yes, Miami's kicker is shaky. But a big part of going for fourth down is the resulting value of field position if a team does not convert. That is not available with 30 seconds left in a half.
1-10 at Fs15 5-3 Duke Johnson rush left for 1 yard to the FS14 (SMITH, TERR.), clock 00:27. Miami is going to have nightmares about Mario Edwards Jr.
2-9 at Fs14 Timeout Miami, clock 00:27.
2-9 at Fs14 4-2-5 Stephen Morris deep out pass complete to Allen Hurns for 14 yards to the FS0, 1ST DOWN UM, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:22. How good was FSU's defense, it took an NFL throw each time Miami scored. Also, Hurns bobbles the ball after stepping out, so this should not be a catch.
Official Review: Ruling on the field is a touchdown.
Official Review: Call on the field is confirmed.
Matt Goudis kick attempt good.
Florida State 21, Miami 14
Drive: 8 plays, 57 yards, TOP 01:4-3
Pat O'Donnell kickoff 65 yards to the FS0, touchback.
1-10 at Fs25 TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the FS24.
2-11 at Fs24 End of half, clock 00:00.
Drive: 1 plays, minus 1 yards, TOP 00:22
Florida State 21, Miami 14