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Florida State football news: Campanaro was half of Wake Forest's receiving corps

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

During the season, I pick the brain of Bill Connelly, of SB Nation's Football Study Hall. In the offseason, he asks me about recruiting. Today, we talked about Michael Campanaro, the star Wake Forest receiver who is now done for the year with an injury. Campanaro was pretty important to a Wake Forest passing offense that isn't very good. At right are the total stats. Our conversation below discusses his loss and the loss he was on passing downs.

me: I assume passing down splits come after the year?
Bill: actually, I have those, too...
just not in a quickly-prepared excel file
hahahaha this is even worse than I thought...
Campanaro: 45 targets, 27 catches, 366 yards (8.1)
Jared Crump: 10 targets, 5 catches, 64 yards (6.4)
Jonathan Williams: 10 targets, 4 catches, 13 yards (1.3)
Orville Reynolds: 9 targets, 4 catches, 47 yards (5.2)
Sherman Ragland III: 7 targets, 3 catches, 54 yards (7.7)
so basically, Campanaro was infinitely more trusted than anybody else
though still only good, not great
me: and keep in mind how many of these targets came in the Week 10 game after he went out
Bill: yeah, the injury happened pretty early in the game...
curious about Ragland and Tyree Harris (4-for-6 for 85), but ... yeah
then again, they were already 119th in Passing Downs S&P+ ... not like they're going to get much worse without him
me: My thought is that they might punt 12 times v. FSU because even though they were not explosive, he was at least reliable and could get open and catch a first down ball sometimes.
Bill: sometimes
seriously, though ... 45 targets for him )on passing downs) ... 43 for the next 5 guys combined
me: Think it's clear by his catch % that other teams knew they'd go to him.

This is awesome.

Heis Hopes, Week 11: How inertia may cost Jameis Winston the Heisman -

It's not fair that Winston's playing against Mariota's previous accomplishments, just like it's not fair that Florida State is playing against Oregon's (and Alabama's, for that matter), but the Heisman is voted on by humans, rarely thought of as perfect arbiters of fairness.

I think we're in a 1a/1b situation with Mariota and Winston right now, but Mariota's pretty clearly the national 1a (personally, I still think I'd give a hypothetical first-place vote to Winston) and Winston the 1b.