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Red Lightning Has Pucks Too


If you follow Florida State football, and unless you have been living under a social media blackout for the last several weeks, you have certainly heard of Red Lightning.

(via JakeBlank122)

But who is the man behind the beard?  To his friends, and to his parents, he is Frankie Grizzle-Malgrat, a multi-talented junior from Key West, Florida. In high school, Frankie played 1st base for the baseball team, where, as a senior, he helped lead the Conchs to the regional semi-finals.  On the gridiron, Frankie manned the interior of the offensive line, playing both guard and center.

TomahawkNation caught up with the Frankie, a/k/a Red Lightning, after the ACC Championship Game.

TN: How did you become involved with FSU Equipment and how long have you been on staff?

FGM:   "I called the head of the equipment staff and waited for a call back. He called me back and told me he could use me. So I started in the first week of August and it's history from there."

TN:  How big is the FSU Football Equipment staff?

FGM:  "There are 14 of us on staff.  All of them do a fantastic job."

TN:  Are you on scholarship?

FGM:  "Yes."

TN: Do you work with any other sports besides football?

FGM:  "No."

TN: What do you do to get ready for the game? Do you have any special pre-game rituals?

FGM:  "I don't have any rituals. However I make sure I wear the same clothes every Saturday; washed of course."

TN:  What was it like to meet Brent Musberger?

FGM:  "It was honor to meet Brent; he's a heck of a guy. And he found out that I was from Key West and said we should get a cold one at a local bar called Sloppy Joe's."

TN:  I heard you play hockey in something called the Tallahassee Hockey League.  What is the Tallahassee Hockey League (THL)?

FGM:   The THL is a local roller hockey league. I started playing in the THL in the Spring of 2012.

TN:  Is it true you scored 2 goals in under 15 seconds in your game last week?

FGM:  "I thought it was more like 9 seconds."

TN:  Who is the best player in the THL?

FGM:  "Casey Davis"

TN:  I am going to give you a pair of stat lines.  Which player would you pick for your hockey team if you could only choose one?

Player A-15 GP, 1 goal, 7 assists, .53 PPG, 2 PIM

Player B- 18 GP, 12 goals, 10 assists, 1.22 PPG, 34 PIM

FGM:  "Player B."

Editor's Note: (Player A is Clint Trickett, Player B is Red Lightning.  Seriously.  Check for yourself. Tallahassee Hockey League).

TN:  Tomahawk Nation has learned that you have lent your likeness to a t-shirt (with proceeds benefiting the Kidz1stFund) and that you have agreed to guest bartend at Madison Social, with tips also going to the Kidz1stFund).  Talk about what it means to be able to help out Coach Fisher and his family.

FGM:   "It means a lot to help out Coach, Ms. Candi and the Kidz1stFund. I have become friends with Ethan since I've become part of the program and I want to do anything I can to help find a cure."

TN:  What kind of music do you listen to?

FGM:  " I listen to rap and country music."

TN:  What is your major?

FGM:  "Criminology, although I am considering changing it to sports management."

TN:  You haven't always had a beard.  Do you see yourself keeping it, or is it something that will be gone come spring/summer?

FGM:  "I'm keeping it."

TN:  Who do you think has a better beard, you or Nick O'Leary?

FGM:  "Me for sure.  Nick will admit it if you ask him."

TN:  Anyone who knows you, knows that you have a great sense of humor.  In your opinion, who are the funniest players on the football team?

FGM:  "Jamies Winston, Reggie NorthrupKarlos Williams."

TN:  If you can pick, what was your favorite play or plays from this season?

FGM:  "My favorite plays of the season are definitely all of the plays from the season because we're undefeated. But if there were specific plays, they'd have to be highlights from the Clemson, Miami, and Florida games."

TN:  "Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us."

FGM:  "Thanks and Go Noles!"

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