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Defensive score sheet for FSU vs Charlotte

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago I introduced defensive score sheets. If you didn't read that article, or need a refresher, you can find that here.

FSU played solid defense vs Charlotte, holding them to 0.82 points per possession, which was their worst output of the year. As expected, the defensive score sheet looks really solid (click to enlarge):


A few things jump out.

  • Not a single player got abused this game. It was a great overall effort. Montay had a bad streak in the 1st half where he failed to get a hand in a shooter's face on three straight possessions (he was otherwise in good position), and Coach Ham called a timeout and had a bit of a mentoring moment with young Mr. Brandon.
  • Ojo forced 8 1/2 misses in 16 minutes. That's a heck of a game and by far his best defensive game of the season. The effort has been there all along, just not the fundamentals.
  • I already know Aaron Thomas is the best defender on this team, and the more film I watch the better he gets. It's crazy. He's a sophomore and he's better on-ball than Snaer ever was, and is approaching Dulkys in his positional defense.
  • Bookert also had a great game. He forced 3 1/2 turnovers and every one put the Noles in transition.

Speaking of transition, it was fun to watch a team try to run with FSU. Here's a pretty summary video of the game. Thomas blocks a shot which Bojo probably would have blocked if Aaron hadn't of gotten to it first, and then fun ensues.

Here is the DSS for the season:


Thomas is forcing a crazy amount of turnovers. Bojo's defense is really hurt by his lack of rebounding. Okaro has been solid but not spectacular.

If the bigs keep developing, this team has the potential to be really good.