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Florida State Football Practice Report 12/2

The Number 1 team in the country took the practice field today

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The newly crowned #1 team in college football took to the practice field for the first time since the win over arch nemesis Florida last Saturday. The mood of the team was palpable, everyone was happy and excited. Jimbo was more chipper than I have ever seen him in a practice before. Despite all the joking around, you can tell that the focus has not faded from this team though as they began to prepare for the ACC Championship game against Coastal Division champs Duke.

Dustin Tackett and I were out at the indoor practice facility watching the team practice and honestly, there was not much to see.

The entire team was dressed out without shells and pads and there was no starting or contributing player that was sidelined with an injury of some sort, save for Isaiah Jones who did not play in the UF game.

We will get Jimbo Fisher after practice and give you guys another update then.