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Florida State football news 12.03.13: Florida flips a recruit

Sam Greenwood

The chemistry and confidence of Florida State's players is off the charts.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the Jameis Winston deal could be over this week or next. I am not sure that is news, other than confirming what we were told last week. Several people I talk with are optimistic that it will indeed be this week.

New F/+ ratings: The only team with a top-5 offense and defense? Heck, even top-10 O and D? The Noles.

FSU Recruiting Scoop: 12/3 ($) Noles247: Chris Nee says that FSU is interested in flipping 3-star OT Derrick Kelly Jr. (Kentucky commit) and 4-star WR Javon Harrison (Virginia Tech commitment). Kelly is someone who has received a lot more attention during his senior year from other big schools, and Harrison is a bigger receiver.

FSU also lost three-star receiver Ryan Sousa to Florida last night, according to multiple outlets. I like Sousa quite a bit and think he'll be a productive receiver. That UF didn't offer him over the summer when he really wanted to be a Gator isn't going to hurt them in the long run, but it definitely made me question their offensive evaluations some.

The All-ACC team is complete nonsense. FSU has the most dominant team in ACC history, is on pace to score the most points in the history of college football (by a lot), and has an elite defense. Apparently, the ACC media missed the defense part. Florida State's defense and Virginia Tech's defense are both better than the first team assembled by the media. Virginia Tech had no members of the first team defense, and FSU had just one. Ridiculous.

Terps shut out from all-ACC teams for first time since 1997: That also sucks.

Dabo is John Cooper - Shakin The Southland: Clemson fans aren't happy.

2013 Post SCar Sunday Thoughts - Shakin The Southland: As the old song goes, "Why do you build me up, Buttercup, just to let me down." That should be the theme song for this program and this season in general.

Florida offensive coordinator candidates: The early, exhaustive guide - Alligator Army: There are a lot of potential candidates for Florida's open offensive coordinator position. Here's a detailed rundown of many of those candidates.

From the Egg Bowl to Auburn, college football just topped itself -

1. What will Will Muschamp allow his offense to do?

In his first step to fix an awful, directionless offense, Florida head coach Will Muschamp fired offensive coordinator Brent Pease and line coach Tim Davis yesterday. It was a no-brainer, of course.

But Brent Pease did not get stupid overnight. Granted, it's a lot easier to run a precise, deadly offense when you've got Kellen Moore, perhaps the most accurate quarterback of all time, running the plays you call at Boise State. Granted, there is no Kellen Moore in Gainesville. But we know that Pease's concepts are sound when the right pieces are in place (as they were when he was O.C. in Boise), and we know that there were just no pieces in place for Florida this year.

When you can recruit like Florida can (and always will, really), all you have to do to field a competent -- competent, not fantastic -- offense is define your identity and recruit to it. And in 2012, the Gators really did just that. They wanted a unit that could soften up defenses with the run and flip the field for the dominant defense. Rinse and repeat until the other team gave out. They moved slowly, and in tight, physical games (like the ones against Florida State and LSU), their style served them well and they pulled away with nice wins. But the pace also allowed for no pull-away opportunities. The style that led to wins over FSU, LSU, and South Carolina also led to listless near-upsets versus Missouri, UL Lafayette, and Jacksonville State.

Muschamp's no-pace and no-risks philosophy -- and it's safe to say that has come from the head man, not the offensive coordinator -- intentionally removes margin of error from the equation. And in 2013, when injuries skimmed off a layer of talent on both sides of the ball and the punting game no longer proved masterful, things fell apart very, very quickly. We don't really know where Muschamp goes from here, and perhaps the scariest thing of all is that it appears he might not know, either.

Jim Grobe resigns as head football coach at Wake Forest - Blogger So Dear
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