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Jameis Winston huge favorite to win Heisman Trophy

Sam Greenwood

wrote about this Sunday, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to our regular readers. But now, I have even more evidence to show just how overwhelming a favorite Jameis Winston is for the Heisman Trophy. Despite what the media might want to say, the numbers show this is not a race.

Winston's odds to win the Heisman at various sports books range from 1/20 to 1/10 1/5. Even the most conservative, at 1/5, puts him at roughly 15X more likely to win than the runner up. And indeed, the story of the Heisman is fast becoming who will finish second.

In ESPN's experts poll, Winston garnered every single 1st-place vote. In other polls, Winston is earning at least two out of every three.

Even if some voters leave him off the ballot due to the potential of a legal issue hanging over his head, it shouldn't matter at these odds. Because there is no clear alternative, many players will be left off ballots in different parts of the country.

In fact, the story is quickly becoming who will finish second. And that player appears to be Jordan Lynch.

But could Winston actually lose to a player like Jordan Lynch, of Northern Illinois? Not without being charged -- something very different from the investigation still being open when the votes are due.

I have a suspicion that voters will be OK with putting Lynch second, but that some will have a hangup with putting a player from Northern Illinois at No. 1. It's the difference between getting on board with a fun, underdog story, and then making that story the story.

Andre Williams, the running back from Boston College, lacks the marquee game or highlight to sway voters. A.J. McCarron should have never been in the conversation, but was because Alabama was undefeated. Being so tied to Alabama's record, McCarron is done. Braxton Miller, of Ohio State, missed time this year and doesn't have the same numbers as Winston.