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Florida State football recruit targets and commitments happy about Jimbo Fisher extension


Jimbo Fisher signed a reported five year, $21M extension Tuesday, keeping him in Tallahassee through 2019. I spoke with several Florida State recruit commitments and targets about the development at the Under Armour All-America Game luncheon.

"He got bands," five-star Florida (for now) running back commitment Dalvin Cook said. "The whole world said he was going to Texas. I'm happy for him, he's a great coach, and Florida State is the school for Jimbo Fisher."

"Every had said that he was going to leave for Texas, I had heard it on Instagram, people talking" five-star receiver Ermon Lane, a Florida commitment and FSU target, said.

"It doesn't mean a lot, because I expected him to be there," four-star receiver Travis Rudolph, an FSU target, said. "Other coaches had been telling me that [Nick] Saban signed his contract at Alabama, and [Gus] Malzahn signed his contract at Auburn, and that Jimbo hadn't signed his because he was maybe going to Texas. But I didn't listen to that. I couldn't blame him for leaving if he did. That's life, if it's a better situation. You have to commit to a school and not to a coach."

"As a matter of fact, yesterday I tweeted watching ESPN and said 'please don't tell me that Jimbo is headed to Texas," four-star linebacker commitment Jacob Pugh said. "To have the same head coach for my career, that's big. But it's big that Texas would want him, too, because he is a great coach. I never doubted he would stay."

"There was no doubt that he would stay. He finally got to where he wanted to be and he really just started," four-star linebacker commitment Kain Daub said. "The first time I heard about [Jimbo potentially leaving for Texas] was from the other guys here."