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Gameday Central: ACC Championship Edition

Duke won the Coastal outright. Florida State won the Atlantic outright. Game on.

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Gameday Central: ACC Championship

Florida State (12-0) vs Duke (10-2) 8:00 PM

Watch: ABC

Listen: 'Nole Radio Affiliates, Blue Devil Radio Affiliates

Weather: Current forecast calls for miserable conditions. There's a 60% chance of rain at kickoff. Temperature should be around 49 degrees. NE Wind 13 mph. There's a chance conditions will be better for the game. We'll update if so. [note from Ricobert1: The models this morning are tending toward a dry game. Some rain will push through this afternoon and shouldn't return until an isentropic upglide event kicks off sometime Sunday]

The Spread: Florida State is a 29 or 29.5 point favorite.

Game Coverage: Preview and Prediction

Duke is 10-2. Ahem, DUKE IS 10-2. The Blue Devils didn't sneak into the ACC Championship. They were not part of a 5 way tie. Two teams in front of them were not disqualified from post season play. Duke earned it the old fashioned way - they have the best conference record in their division. That record includes wins over Miami and Virginia Tech. The improbable season earned Coach David Cutcliffe National Coach of the Year honors. He deserves it. Duke is 10-2.

All year, Florida State's mantra has been one game at a time. It's about focusing each week and playing to potential. Not playing down to an opponent starts with proper preparation. The approach seems to be working. There's a national title trip and a Heisman on the line. Will that change the preparation and focus? Unlikely. Duke is 10-2. And they're next.

Florida State vs Duke Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Other Games

Check out the full SB Nation viewing options here.

Get your Saturday started right with a noon conference championship game. Wait, no. Let's check the numbers. Nope, the Big 12 still only has 10 teams. But just because the Big 12 can't do math, doesn't mean the Oklahoma/Oklahoma State game won't be fun.

A little later, watch another Big 12 conference non-championship game. Texas, still ranked at 9-3, plays 10-1 Baylor. Will it be Mack Brown's last game against a Big 12 conference team? There's no way the announcers will speculate during the game so we'll just have to wait to find out.

Whatever you choose to do between noon and 3:59 PM, be sure to find a TV by 4. The SEC championship game is on. This one does have significance for FSU. If Ohio State doesn't avoid the major upset against Michigan State, Florida State could face the SEC champion.*

We should play a game. It's called, "The ridiculous and amazing way Auburn will beat Mizzou." Plausible scenarios including, but not limited to, rabid dogs, large birds of prey, dinosaurs, volcanoes, earthquakes, sun spots/sun flares, Aurora Borealis, magnetic levitation or Steven Seagal will receive bonus points.

All games, times, and network information:

12 p.m. ET No. 17 Oklahoma, 9-2 No. 6 Oklahoma State, 10-1 ABC
12 p.m. ET No. 16 UCF, 10-1 SMU, 5-6 ESPN
12 p.m. ET Marshall, 9-3 Rice, 9-3 ESPN2
1 p.m. ET Memphis, 3-8 UConn, 2-9
1 p.m. ET Fordham, 12-1 Towson, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Tennessee State, 10-3 Eastern Illinois, 11-1
2 p.m. ET New Hampshire, 8-4 Maine, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Coastal Carolina, 11-2 Montana, 10-2
2 p.m. ET Southern, 8-4 Jackson State, 8-3 ESPNU
3:30 p.m. ET No. 25 Texas, 8-3 No. 9 Baylor, 10-1 FOX
3:30 p.m. ET Furman, 8-5 North Dakota State, 11-0
4 p.m. ET No. 5 Missouri, 11-1 No. 3 Auburn, 11-1 CBS
4 p.m. ET South Dakota State, 9-4 Eastern Washington, 10-2
7 p.m. ET Jacksonville State, 10-3 McNeese State, 10-2
7:30 p.m. ET USF, 2-9 Rutgers, 5-6 ESPN2
7:45 p.m. ET No. 7 Stanford, 10-2 No. 11 Arizona State, 10-2 ESPN
8 p.m. ET No. 20 Duke, 10-2 No. 1 Florida State, 12-0 ABC
8 p.m. ET UL Lafayette, 8-3 South Alabama, 5-6
8 p.m. ET Sam Houston State, 9-4 Southeast Louisiana, 10-2
8:17 p.m. ET No. 2 Ohio State, 12-0 No. 10 Michigan State, 11-1 FOX
10 p.m. ET Utah State, 8-4 No. 23 Fresno State, 10-1 CBS

*MAJOR UPSET is what it will be called when Ohio State loses. OSU is a 5 and a half point favorite.