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FSU 77, Jacksonville State 53

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

After so many tight games FSU needed one where they could loosen up and just play, and they got exactly what they needed against Jacksonville State. The Gamecocks defense flooded the inside trying to overcome the Noles height advantage, and FSU responded by knocking down open 3s. When Jacksonville State adjusted the way they were handling the pick and roll, FSU was able to dribble penetrate and find cutters. FSU (6-3) opened a 17-point lead at half and cruised to a 77-53 win in a very slow (62 possession) game.

The Noles attempted 12 3s in the 1st half, which is as many or more than they attempted in six of the previous eight games. All told they took 18, making 7 (39%). And they dominated on the inside, making 65% of their 2s. Boris Bojanovsky scored a career high 15, and has now made 16 consecutive shots from the field.

Okaro White led all scorers with 17 (including 3-5 from the arc), while Montay Brandon had 14, and Aaron Thomas added 12 points and 5 rebounds. Devon Bookert didn't score, but he did have four assists to just a single turnover. Michael Ojo had 3 points and 7 boards. He also nearly took a kids life. After a hard foul by the other team, the opposing player wouldn't let go of Ojo's left arm. So he cocked his right as if to punch him, and just held it there while staring at him. I don't think that kid will do that again to the Ojo.

The only real red flags on the day was Jacksonville State rebounding 37% of their own misses (they entered the game averaging 36%, as they are a really good offensive rebounding team), and FSU opening the 2nd half with six turnovers in seven minutes. Aside from that early stretch in the 2nd, FSU's offense was exceptional, regardless of opponent.

Now the Noles have the week off for finals, and won't play again until the 17th against a very good Charlotte team.