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5th Annual Tomahawk Nation NCAA Tournament Pick'em

What do you win? Nothing, freeloader.


Tomorrow is Selection Sunday, and the Seminoles have a zero percent chance of being selected. Still, we expect them to be picked up by the NIT or CBI, and with this team, that's just fine. Free practice. Game time for the new kids. With only one senior on the roster, it's important to get these guys as much time with the coaches as is possible.

The CBS Selection Show will be broadcast at six o'clock EST. The NIT selection show will be broadcast a couple of hours later on ESPNU (conflicting with the 30 for 30 show on Jim Valvano and NC State's improbable run to the Title - Thanks, ESPN!)

Regardless, make sure you sign up for the 5th annual Tomahawk Nation Tourney Pick'em. Just go to CBS Sports and use the password 'seminoles'. If you've signed up or participated before, you should just be able to log in.

Last year Bud finished 12th. What the hell? AbeFroman21 was our winner.