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FSU hosts Louisiana Tech in the NIT

As predicted (NIT bracketologist, yo!) FSU avoided the NIT road game, even if they have to host a better team to do it


After four straight years in the NCAA Tournament it is hard to remember that it hasn't been that long since FSU would have been thrilled to be in the NIT. And with only one scholarship senior on the team, fans should be excited again. Now the team gets free practices, and the Nole fans get one more chance to see their team at home.

FSU drew Louisiana Tech (26-6), a team which dominated the WAC during much of the regular season. They won their first 16 WAC games before dropping two in a row, and ended up tied with Denver, though La Tech had the tiebreaker and won the regular season title.

In the WAC tournament though, they were upset by Texas San Antonio, which should not be confused with a good team. So they are definitely entering with some question marks.

Still, Pomeroy has them at 86 and FSU at 117.

We'll have more on La Tech before the game, but the short order is that they are an untempo team (19th nationally) who is very good at forcing turnovers (39th). They go 11-deep and try and wear teams out, so it should be an entertaining game.

The game tips at 7:15 and will only be broadcast on ESPN3. The first 1,000 students get in free.