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Video: Florida State football quarterbacks Trickett, Winston, Coker and Maguire talk shop

Finally, the media gets to chat with Coker, Winston and Maguire. And Trickett, too.

Streeter Lecka

The media had a chance to meet with all four quarterbacks (Clint Trickett, Jameis Winston, Jacob Coker and Sean MaGuire) Friday as FSU had the day off from practice. Our audio didn't match up with the video, so we are using the videos courtesy of Florida State, and I will add comments about anything that didn't make the video shot by the school.

Clint Trickett

Trickett noted that he would not hesitate to help others with the playbook, and wants to win by being the best, not by holding things back (but see MaGuire for a funny comment about this). Clint said that he was in charge of organizing the off-season offensive work, and Telvin Smith was in charge of organizing the defense sessions. Trickett noted being in a coaching family helps with that some. Clint says he is now 180 pounds, and wants to be 190 in the fall. He noted the change in his diet has helped a lot (he does look noticeably bigger).

Jacob Coker

Coker really did not give too much. Lots of "everyone is good, we're all working hard, etc." Coker noted that learning the offense is gradual, and said that it started clicking last year as it went on, and he understood what was going on during the game. Coker said he wouldn't criticize the coaching staff for not playing the reserves more last year during blowouts, but acknowledged it was frustrating. Coker noted the strong impact coach Fisher and coach Craig had on his recruitment.

Jameis Winston

It's like Tom Bracy, Peyton Manning, Michael Vick. Winston said that he loved Randal Cunningham growing up. Winston said that the other quarterbacks don't discuss the competition, and he gave Jacob Coker, a fellow Alabama native hell about cutting his hair, calling it "going all Florida on me." Winston said that he was sad about coach Craig leaving, but he understood that Craig had to do it for his family. Winston noted that it's not about studying the playbook, but really watching the film and seeing how the play is designed to work. Winston said that Manuel helped him out a lot with learning the playbook, and he looks up to him as an older brother. And he discussed the importance of avoiding cliques when trying to be the leader of the team. Winston said he loves how coach Fisher coaches hard and challenges him.

Sean MaGuire

I know I've been working hard and I belong right there. Maguire noted that he could have taken the easy road, gone to a school up North and been the starter, but he said that he and his dad are of the mindset that you want to be the best and beat out the best. MaGuire said they ran six plays in high school, so the playbook is much bigger. MaGuire said that his footwork and time in the weight room are the biggest differences since high school.