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The Noles are dancing!

Okay, by "dancing" I mean "really excited that they won, and bring on the CBI, woot woot" but hell yeah Michael Snaer 6.0 y'all


Michael Snaer is trolling me so hard. In July I wrote that I didn't believe in clutch, and I don't. But Michael Snaer is 6-6 in game winning situations. It's just math right, I mean, someone has to be 6-6? Anyone? Hello? Is this thing on?

Anyway, Minnick is in the post game presser, so this place is all mine. Here are my thoughts on the game:

  • Pinching! Someone remind me to post a video. One of the reasons Michael Snaer has spent half the season shaking his head is that the help defense is rarely where he expects it to be. FSU "pinches" everything on the exterior (which is one reason why they give up so many attempted 3s), or at least they're supposed to. But tonight they actually did it. This kept UVA from destroying FSU with penetration.
  • The Noles did a lot things well tonight, but two of them were not ball control or dominating the defensive glass. FSU was -5 in the turnover department, and -10 on the glass. That's 15 extra possessions for UVA, but FSU still won 53-51.
  • Devon Bookert has now played 35, 36, 35, and 32 minutes in the past four games. If you're wondering why just watch the offense when he's not on the floor. Tonight his line was 9 points, 4 boards, 3 assists and zero turnovers.
  • Michael Snaer passed Dave Cowens for 10th all time in scoring, and now needs just 11 points for 1,500 in his career.
  • Kiel Turpin got mad tonight. And he showed it. I don't remember him getting so angry in previous games, but he's playing tough and he's playing smart. I'd like to see the 18' jumpers go away, but otherwise his progression has been really good.
  • Okaro White had 17 points and 6 boards. He single handedly kept FSU in the game in the first half. It's nice to see what he can do when he's not in foul trouble.
  • FSU is now guaranteed at least a .500 record for the season. Not all that long ago that was considered big time.