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Andrew Wiggins cancels in-home visits with FSU, UNC and Kansas

Kentucky had their in-home visit a couple weeks ago.


Andrew Wiggins had three in-home visits set up for this week. Bill Self, Roy Williams, and Leonard Hamilton were all set to make their final pitch to the consensus No. 1 player in high school, but now all three visits have been cancelled.

Kentucky and Coach Calipari made their in-home visit a couple weeks back, which, of course, will only fuel the speculation about what this means.

But before you look into the abyss, consider than Wiggins has played three major all-star events in the past three weekends. He's been traveling around the States like an NBA player and performing in front of cameras and constant crowds. Every time the whistle blows some reporter is in his face asking where he's going to college. He's stated multiple times that he's not a fan of the spot light and that he just wants to play basketball.

My hunch is that he already has all the information he needs, and now he just wants some quiet time with his family to finalize his decision.