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Your TN guide to the Andrew Wiggins announcement


1. When is he announcing his college choice?

Students will be assembling at 12:15 Tuesday for the ceremony. Expect an announcement between 12:16 and 12:30, with a potential for lingering until dinner.

2. Where will he be announcing?

From St. Joseph's Central Catholic High School, in West Virginia.

3. But he goes to Huntington Prep.

True. But Huntington Prep is not a high school. It's an all-star basketball team that practices at Marshall University. The players attend classes at St. Joe's. That's how stuff works these days.

4. What channel will it be on?

It's not on TV. Despite me maintaining that the "fake hat grab on ESPNU technique" hasn't jumped the shark until some kid announces his intentions by dropping his pants on national TV to show his Kentucky g-string, Wiggins won't be utilizing the national press.

5. So how do we tune in?

The short answer is that you can't. The long answer is that they've invited a reporter from the local newspaper who covers high school sports and Marshall University athletics. At the time he found out he had exclusive access he was busy covering Marshall softball. His name is Grant Traylor, and he'll be covering the event via Twitter. Since being invited to this event his follower count has gone from around 1,900 to almost 11,000. If you want to "be there", then follow @GrantTraylor. It's strange that the only access will be via a beat reporter from a small newspaper, but the upside is that perhaps it will force Minnick to finally stop screaming GET OFF MY LAWN and actually get on Twitter.

6. What colleges is he considering?

Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, and Florida State.

7. Where is he expected to go?

Most pundits have picked Florida State, though some are jumping ship for Kansas, and many feel Kentucky will be the choice. UNC, at this point, would surprise just about everyone but their inside source - Johnny Crab Cakes. The reality is that no one has a reliable source, and everything has just been guessing.

8. Where do I think he's going?

I've long felt that Florida State is the best place for him, and I see no reason to change that prediction. I'm far less confident than I was two weeks ago, but if I were betting I'd lay money on FSU. Ms. FSU feels the same way, as does Matt. However, see No. 7.

9. What if he picks FSU?

By all means, blow off work or school or your baby's mama and party. First, tune in to the Cameron show at 1:30 to hear my analysis (basically I'll squeal like an over-excited pre-teen for 15 minutes) and then bottom's up. This would mean that FSU beat Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky for their highest priority recruit, and the most coveted recruit since the Durant/Oden year. It probably ain't ever happening again.

10. Should I put on my lucky shirt?

Absolutely. Whatever FSU luck you have, bring it. If you have a goldfish named Calipari then immediately pull it from its bowl and eat the damn thing.