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Andrew Wiggins makes his decision



There's that brilliant scene in Rocky which begins with Sylvester Stalone's character exiting Adrian's brownstone at daybreak. He's in a track suit with the pants pulled up just a little too far. The opening horns to Rocky's Theme (seriously, the best movie song ever) blare out and Rocky leaps the banister rather than taking the stairs. He shadowboxes in the street in front of a boss early 70's Camaro, and then begins his run.

First, it takes him past a laden industrial train moving through his neighborhood and the conductor shouts his name: "Rocky!"

Next he runs through an outdoor market improbably lit by trash bin fires. Again, everyone is screaming his name.

Once he enters the projects (and that baseline is funky) a bunch of kids suddenly start following him. Why are kids filling the street at daybreak? Who knows? Who cares? They are. They chase Rocky. He passes through parks. More kids follow. He enters a downtown which has six giant American flags per block. More follow. By the time Rocky is hurdling park benches in front of massive fountains half the children in the city are chasing him.

And that's when he turns it on. Unfazed by the previous miles, Rocky enters a full sprint down a four lane road which - a bit surprisingly - has absolutely zero traffic. But whatever. Rocky takes off. The kids fall behind.

And then the famous steps. (In case you're wondering, that building is the Museum of Modern Art). Rocky takes the steps three at a time, reaches the top and has enough time to throw about eight air-jabs and a hook while all the kids come bounding up the steps. The kids arrive and circle him. The music climaxes. They start chanting his name. It goes slow-mo and sunsets. Fade out.

The next day, Rocky loses.

Andrew Wiggins is going to Kansas.