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Florida State Hosts Next Weekend

The Florida State Seminoles have lost four straight games but still remain among the Elite

Ryan Syrkus

So Florida State has lost four in a row...all teams just happened be playing in the postseason.. The Noles are still one of the best teams in the nation who play in the best conference and regardless of their recent slump they will play at home next weekend.

Baseball America:

National Seeds: Vanderbilt, North Carolina, LSU, Oregon State, Cal State Fullerton, Virginia, N.C. State, Florida State.

We're making one change to our national seed projection: Florida State, despite going 0-4 this week, gets the last national seed over Indiana. We hear from multiple sources that the committee is not placing much emphasis on conference tournaments, and that it will not balk at the prospect of having four national seeds from the same conference. The Seminoles do have more quality wins (14-15 vs. the top 50, 24-15 vs. the top 100) than the Hoosiers (9-9 vs. the top 50, 14-11 vs. the top 100), and they have a No. 18 strength of schedule, compared to Indiana's No. 70 SOS. Ultimately, those will be the deciding factors.

Perfect Game:

North Carolina
North Carolina State
Cal State Fullerton
Oregon State

Changes: Florida State out, N.C. State in
In the mix: Indiana, Florida State, Kansas State

There was only one significant change when it comes to national seeds with N.C. State replacing Florida State. The Seminoles still have a solid overall resume and head-to-head series win against the Wolfpack. However, they're 4-6 in their last 10 games -- a crucial metric the NCAA Selection Committee looks at -- along with a 14-15 record vs. RPI Top 50 and 11-9 mark on the road this spring. Additionally, the Seminoles went 0-4 this week, including three losses at the ACC tournament.


Tallahassee Regional
Host: Florida State
1. Florida State 44-15 #9 (ACC at large)
4. Maine 37-21 #137 (AE Auto)
2. Florida Atlantic 38-20 #27 (SBC at large)
3. Florida (SEC at large) 29-28 #34

For whats its worth ESPN had an article that said the Noles should be a national seed but that was a week ago.

So the big two have us spliting, Rivals says no and the network that brags about broadcasting every game hasnt updated their site in a week.

What do I think? Are the Seminoles in the same league as LSU, Vandy and UNC? Nope those teams are special.

Is FSU a national seed? Well that depends if you think the best 8 teams are the ones that deserve homefield advantage throughout the postseason. I think FSU is deserving and should get a national seed

Do I think FSU gets a natonal seed? I know the NCAA likes to say the conference tourneys mean nothing I just dont believe it. The Noles dont get a top 8 seed despite of their meret

National seeds are announded at noon tomorrow...Stay tuned