FSU declines to extend Fisher to 5 years


"Everything I’ve looked at," Barron said, "coaches don’t get their contracts extended automatically every year when they have a five-year contract. It didn’t matter whether I looked at the SEC or the ACC."

Fisher's contract stays at four years. This is a smart move by Florida State. Fisher really has no leverage here. There are no programs at which Fisher would be a fit (read: SEC) that are likely to come open after the 2013 season. One of the benefits of coaching at Florida State is job security, as seasons with six or seven losses that lead to a firing are improbable given the ACC slate. The tradeoff is that the per-year dollars might not be quite as good as elsewhere. Additionally, extending Fisher after he produced FSU's best season in a decade isn't great negotiating. 2013 projects as a step back, and extending him to five years after the 2013 season could present an opportunity to capture value for Florida State.