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2014 FSU Basketball Recruiting Board

Jamie Squire

There's really no way to overstate the importance of the 2014 recruiting class. At minimum, Okaro White, Ian Miller, Kiel Turpin and Robert Gilchrist will be gone. FSU already has two open scholarships, and those four graduating mean that the number of available schollies jumps to six.

Six open spots is a ton, but keep in mind that due to Terry Whisnant and Antwan Space transferring, FSU has zero scholarship juniors. So those six available scholarships need to be spread out over two classes. And I'd be shocked if FSU used them all for 2014 because the 2015 class in Georgia is loaded (and we just happened to hire CY Young as an assistant, and he knows pretty much every youth coach in Georgia).

That means this class needs to be 4-6 players, and I'm leaning more toward four. But if the right guys want to commit, you take them.

Luckily, the university saw the wisdom in extending Leonard Hamilton's contract (making him the 2nd 8th highest paid coach in the ACC), so that his age will be harder to use against him on the recruiting trail.

To track that class we've begun a recruiting board for 2014. We'll update it as needed, and we'll keep it pinned on top of the Basketball Recruiting page.