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Florida State ACC Football Kickoff Recap: Jimbo, Rashad Greene, Lamacus Joyner

I present to you... just about everything they said.


This post should contain everything said by Jimbo Fisher, Rashad Greene and Lamacus Joyner at ACC Media Days.

Jimbo seemed in good spirits during media days, and was willing to answer most every question (he did dodge answering my question on if he believes teams ineligible for bowl games due to NCAA troubles should receive their bowl share). But he wasn't too revealing. It's not that he tried to hide anything, but rather, there are so many answers about the 2013 Seminoles that will not be known until the season is played.

Fisher noted that while Florida State returns the fewest starters in the conference, it does have more junior and senior starters than the 2012 ACC championship team did. And the term "starter" is not specific enough from which to draw great conclusions. Players like James Wilder Jr. and Timmy Jernigan are not considred returning starters, but they certainly played a major role on the 2012 squad. The video at right is almost the entire conversation with Fisher, and I won't be transcribing it. I did type out most of his key points here yesterday.

Lamarcus Joyner

Joyner was excellent during media day. The audio on the video provided by Florida State is not great, but it is complete. I do have full audio of Joyner, and may post that if need be tomorrow. But I think you should be able to make out a lot of what he says.

Some key points from Joyner were that freshmen Jesus Wilson and Jalen Ramsey stand out in summer work, and that the defense is focused because it must open with Pitt on the road. Joyner said that the players are excited to play in the new defense, and that it will be much more aggressive. Joyner also echoed the sentiment from Rashad Greene that not being picked to win the division can be used as motivation. He also said that it's their responsibility to welcome Pitt to the ACC.

Rashad Greene

The video I took of Rashad Greene is not great, so I'll summarize the key points as follows.

Last year, Greene was 168 pounds during the season. He says that he is now 180, and has a goal of playing at 185 pounds. He dealt with an appendectomy before the 2012 year. Greene said that he is focused on working against the press and using his new found strength to get off the line.

Greene singled out youngsters Jalen Ramsey, P.J. Williams, and Jesus "Bobo" Wilson as standing out over the summer. He's taken Bobo under his wing.

Greene and Joyner devised an extra workout regimen using cards, based on the different card drawn, the workout will be different. It's a fun and challenging way to work out. Joyner said that he got the idea from Ray Lewis. For instance, if a 10 of clubs was drawn, they'll do 10 more of the exercise that corresponds with clubs.

Greene said that the pressure is on the receivers to run the right routes and be in the right place for the new quarterback. I tried to ask Greene about the receiver rotation in a lot of different ways, trying to get at his use. Most agree Greene is an excellent receiver, but FSU doesn't throw him the ball all that much, and rotates a lot of different receivers. He didn't bite. Greene instead talked about how it makes each receiver concentrate and cherish each opportunity more. Greene said that FSU has a lot of different types of receivers, and that rotating creates problems for defensive backs, because they cover them in different ways. Greene did say he would like the ball more.

Greene would not acknowledge that Jameis Winston will be the starting quarterback, and even refused to make distinctions between the two. It seems he had been coached on that issue.

Greene said that not being picked to win the division will be used as motivation.

If you have questions about anything said by any of the three, or anything else, ask in the comments section and I'll be able to help you out.