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Seminole hoops news and notes

A bunch of fanshots, all in one place...


Michael Snaer went undrafted, but then played with Oklahoma City and the Lakers during summer league. With the exposure that he got, he has garnered an invite to a training camp.

According to SB Nation's Nets Daily, the team currently has one open roster spot. If he is one of the final three players cut, then the Nets D-League team (Springfield Armor) will have exclusive rights to sign him.


On the recruiting front, make sure you pay attention to the 2014 Seminole Recruiting Board. It will stay pinned atop the FSU Basketball Recruiting section.

I update it daily.


Speaking of recruiting, all coaches like to promise recruits that they run an up-tempo system. Luckily (for at least half the coaches) no one tracked average possession length on both ends of the floor.

Until now. Thank you Ken Pomeroy.

It turns out that Ham runs the 3rd most uptempo offense in the conference.


Finally, word on the street is that both incoming Nole freshmen will be making the August trip to Greece. On that trip FSU won't be playing the typical assortment of horribly over-matched teams, but instead will be scrimmaging against the Greek national team, which is currently ranked No. 4 in the world.