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Friday Practice Report

The Noles took the practice fields Friday afternoon in regular season fashion as they prepare for their season opener against Pittsburgh.

Mike Ehrmann

While technically it's the last Friday of fall camp, the Florida State Seminoles took the practice fields in regular season form. Throughout spring and fall camp the defense wore garnet and the offense white, but that all changes during the regular season and we got our first glimpse of that today.

The players were in shorts and without pads.

Rick Trickett was not at practice.  And according to a tweet from Clint Trickett, his grandfather was in the hospital.  So we'll leave it at that.

Karlos Williams was also absent from today's practice, and I'm hearing that is due to him becoming a father. I'm sure there will be a little more light shed on this topic as we get more information.

Rashad Greene, Jacob Fahrenkrug and Jonathan Franklin were not dressed.

They were running some pretty interesting tight end drills today where the tight end would lay on his stomach while a football was thrown his direction. Nick O'Leary did a really nice job with this drill.

Kermit Whitfield and Jesus Wilson were working as kick returners today.  Whitfield was also working as a punt returner along with Kenny Shaw and Tyler Hunter, however Whitfield had a little trouble gathering punts.

We'll get Jimbo after practice today and maybe some much anticipated news, but we won't know anything until that time.

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