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Florida State Athletics Director Stan Wilcox' Contract

Florida State

Florida State released the contract for Stan Wilcox, the new Athletics Director. With that, Wilcox released a statement:

"I appreciate the fact that Dr. Barron and Florida State University selected me to be the Director of Athletics and I will lead our program with the goal of making all our FSU constituents proud each day. This is the best job in the country to me and certainly is considered by our profession to be among the top opportunities in college athletics. My wife and I are pleased and humbled by the confidence FSU has already shown us."

The nuts and bolts of the contract are as follows:

  • The contract is for a term of five years
  • Wilcox will make $510,000 annually ($225,000 as a base, and $285,000 for speaking engagements)
  • Wilcox is theoretically eligible for about an additional $400,000 annually in enumerated bonuses
  • Former Florida State AD Randy Spetman made $350K annually.

The contract is available in full here: Stan Wilcox contract