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Tomahawk Nation's Pick'em 2013

It's time for the annual Tomahawk Nation Pick'em contest.

Stacy Revere

It's game week. That means it's time for Tomahawk Nation's annual pick'em contest. Do not make selections based on winner vs loser. Make sure you are making your picks based on the spread for each game. Heads up makes it too easy and spread requires more thought.

There were prizes for last year's contest but this year will be for bragging rights only. Since there won't be prizes, there won't be weekly updates. I'll update weekly winners via twitter. We'll have an end of the year post for the winner.

Please make sure your selection name is the same as your screen name. Anyone is welcome to join. If you haven't become a Tomahawk Nation member, do so and join us in the pick'em contest. If you have played before, you will receive an email shortly for an invite.

Picks should be available either Monday or Tuesday. Picks will consist of ACC, SEC, and ranked games. Join up and have fun.

Directions for joining:

Go to

Click 'Join Pool' on the right side.

If you haven't created a name and password, do so now.

Pool Name: Tomahawk Nation 2013

Password: Bowden