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Xavier Rathan-Mayes ruled ineligible by NCAA clearinghouse

Streeter Lecka

Last year the FSU season was derailed by youth and injuries. This year, depth has suddenly become an issue. FSU has been appealing the NCAA's initial ruling that freshman Xavier Rathan-Mayes would be ineligible after he failed to pass the clearinghouse. Today, the staff announced that XRM is, in fact, out for the year.

The problem arose when the NCAA did not accept all of his credits from Christian Faith Academy, where he went to school prior to Huntington Prep. XRM has been allowed to enroll at FSU, but cannot practice with the team.

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This is a huge blow - not only due to expected heavy minutes for XRM, but it now leaves FSU with only four scholarship guards. Of those guards, one (Montay Brandon) has been in a boot, and another (Ian Miller) spent all of last year injured. An injury to any of the guards would be a huge blow.

This makes the possibility of running 3-guard lineups much more difficult, which is something FSU has been heavy on for the past two seasons. It also makes it critical that the other four players stay healthy.

FSU is very talented in the back court, but now very thin.