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Tuesday Practice Report

With the first game less than a week away, the Noles took to the practice field in preparation for Labor Day.


The Noles are in full preparation mode for the Pitt game on Labor Day. Dustin Tackett, Steve Fenech, and I were out at the practice fields today and we saw a few things.

  • John Franklin, Jacob Fahrenkrug, and Rashad Greene were all dressed out today and participating. This is good news as all of them were out last week. Coach Trickett was also back in action after being out last Friday with family.
  • We saw Davarez Bryant working with the tight ends today again today.
  • It's looking like Karlos William and Lamarcus Joyner are going to be the kick returners on opening day. Kermit Whitfield, Jesus Wilson, Ryan Green, and Rashad Greene were also getting reps at the spot.
  • The offense worked on a lot of short yardage sets that included tons of variety. These were mostly running plays but we saw them run some play action fakes out of these sets, as well.
  • The dynamic on the offense is interesting to watch now that Jameis Winston is taking all the snaps with the first team offense.
  • No new injuries, according to Jimbo.
  • Coach is happy to be back in game week. Said he really liked the intensity and tempo of the practice today.
  • When asked about listing Dan Hicks on the depth chart at SAM linebacker, Jimbo responded saying "he can flat out run, you forget that he was a high school track athlete in Mississippi".
  • When Jimbo was asked about certain guys not making the initial depth chart, he always responded saying that they're going to be using so many different packages that a lot of those guys will still get to see the field.
  • When asked about how Jameis Winston was in practice after fulling taking the helm as the starting Quarterback, "Very sharp. Picked up blitzes really well, made some good throws, did well in his pre-snap reads"
  • When asked about Jalen Ramsey making the depth chart at the same spot as Nick Waisome, Jimbo attributed that to Jalen having an outstanding fall camp, despite Waisome playing very good as well.
  • Coach said Rashad Greene was fully practicing today, catching the ball. His fingers are taped up and this allows him to keep playing and practice.