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Mario Pender Ruled Academically Ineligible for 2013

Running back Mario Pender will miss his second straight season at Florida State, this time due to being academically ineligible.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State running back Mario Pender, who received a medical redshirt in 2012, will now miss consecutive seasons at FSU - this time due to being academically ineligible.

Head coach Jimbo Fisher said after Thursday's practice that he had just found out the day before. He said Pender was one grade short, and it happened to be the same grade that kept the redshirt freshman out earlier in camp.

Pender is still enrolled at  Florida State and will continue to practice with the team, but he won't be able to play. With all of the questions about Pender and how well he'd make the transition into University life, this is where he'll have to decide how much effort he wants to put forth. If Pender decides to be dedicated, practices hard and gets his grades up, I think he can come back.

As unfortunate as Pender's status is, this gives true freshman Ryan Green a chance to step into Pender's role as the third running back.