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FSU basketball goes to Greece

Free practice time!

Kevin C. Cox

Every four years college basketball teams are allowed to take an overseas trip during the summer session. And this is the year for FSU. It's time for Greece. In addition to the bonding time the players get while traveling together in a foreign country, the team gets 10 free practices leading up to the trip, as well as the practices and games while they are there.

Typically, college teams go beat up on clearly inferior club teams. This was the case when FSU went to Spain four years ago and won all their games by an average of 50 points. But this year that dynamic is reversed. The Seminoles will be scrimmaging against the Greek National Team, which is currently the 4th ranked team in the world. This will give the players experience vs bigger and stronger players, and it will expose flaws in a way that lesser opponents would not.

The extra practices should have FSU more prepared for the beginning of the season. The entire team is travelling, including the freshmen. (Sophomore Montay Brandon will not play however, as he is in a boot after turning his ankle).

Unfortunately, the games will not be televised.