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Florida State takes down Boston College 48-34

After a rough start, FSU overwhelmed Boston College.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

It was not a strong start for the Florida State Seminoles.

Jameis Winston threw late and high a few times, starting just two of six. The run game and blitz pickup was no better, as Boston College brought pressure, as expected, and FSU handled it poorly. And the run game was not much better, offering little. FSU's first three drives went for 47 yards on 13 plays, scoring just a field goal.

Florida State's defense was even worse, as it allowed 166 yards on 26 plays, including two touchdowns and a field goal. BC broke out some new wrinkles off a bye week and broke tendency to keep Florida State off guard. Florida State compounded the issue by tackling poorly, not reading keys well, and playing selfishly at times and not within the system.

At 11:19 in the second quarter, Florida State trailed Boston College 17-3.

Florida State's staff remained calm, and things got going.

FSU quickly cut the lead to 17-10 with a two-play, 75-yard drive, capped by a bomb to Rashad Greene. Florida State's defense countered with a stop, thanks to more disciplined play against the rush and stacking up blockers. The Seminoles then went 80 yards on seven plays for the touchdown and a tie ballgame at 17. FSU's defense countered with yet another stop, this time a three-&-out (for zero yards) and then FSU's offense scored one final time in the half, this time on a 55-yard Hail Mary toss to Kenny Shaw, after escaping pressure, and a 24-17 lead at the half.

Special teams let the Noles down out of the half, allowing a 65-yard return. But Florida State's defense held BC to a field goal, and on the resulting drive, FSU marched 75 yards on 9 plays for the touchdown and a 31-20 lead. Florida State then had another quick stop, and the Seminoles went 60 yards for another score and a 38-20 lead.

Boston College then found a bit of a second wind on a 52-yard wheel route for a touchdown to cut the lead to 38-27, but Florida State would march for a field goal and a  lead of 14, then P.J. Willaims added a pick-six to go up 48-27 with 13:41 left to go in the fourth quarter.

BC would add a late touchdown to cut the lead to 48-34, but would never cut the lead to single digits again after the nine-minute mark in the third quarter.

On the day, Florida State gained 489 yards on 70 plays -- 7.0 yards/play.

Boston College went for 389 yards on 76 plays -- 5.1 yards/play.

Up next: Florida State hosts Maryland Saturday.