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Florida State ranked 8th in AP Poll and Coaches Poll

After a top 10 shakeup, Florida State remains ranked 8th in the AP and Coaches Polls.

Jim Rogash

Florida State doesn't see any movement in the AP Poll after a win over Boston College.  FSU is, however, just 22 votes behind Louisville at 7. In the Coaches, it's the same story as FSU checks in at 8 again (18 points behind Louisville).

Clemson stays at 3 in the AP and 4 in the Coaches after dismantling Wake Forest. Miami moves up one spot to 14 in the AP and Coaches after an easy win over USF. Morris did leave the game early with an ankle injury.  UF had a ho-hum win over Kentucky with backup Tyler Murphy. The Gators move up two in the AP to 18 and stay at 19 in the Coaches.

Maryland gets enough votes after a bye week to sneak in the AP Poll at 25. Maryland travels to Tallahassee for a top 25 match-up next week. The game kicks off at noon.*

Georgia jumps Florida State in both rankings and lands at 6 after a win over LSU. It wound't be difficult to argue that LSU belongs in front of FSU as well. But, after a close loss, LSU drops to 10 in the AP and 11 in the Coaches.

Arizona State earns a ranking in both polls after getting Lane Kiffin fired. Any team that gets Lane Kiffin fired should earn a ranking. Northern Illinois is back in the rankings at 23 in the Coaches Poll.

See full AP rankings here.

See full Coaches rankings here.

Be sure to read the top 25 review. Spencer Hall explains Florida State:

Lost to Boston College with a 48-34 lead at the end of regulation. No, that's the correct score, and the correct way of saying this.

*Seriously. The game is at noon.