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Practice Notes for 9/9

Florida State is in full prep mode for Nevada at the home opener

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The Seminoles took to the practice field today as Nevada week is fully set in. Dustin Tackett and I were out at the IPF to make some observations and notes for you guys.

  • This was the first practice that Karlos Williams was in a red jersey to signify that he is now part of the offense full time. Jimbo said he would still be used on some packages on defense but that remains to be seen. He was getting a lot of reps with the offense and the coaches were giving him a lot of one-on-one attention as they were running through some plays. This probably means that they are going to get him snaps at the position as soon as possible.
  • Austin Barron was back out there today. He was not fully dressed or participating but it's good to see him off crutches and getting back into practice.
  • Ryan Hoefeld was fully dressed out for practice as well, but may still be limited. We didn't have the chance to see him do much.
  • James Wilder Jr. and PJ Williams were dressed out as well and fully participating in practice.
  • Jeremy Kerr was not participating but he is no longer in a knee brace and crutches.
  • John Franklin was the QB on the scout team helping simulate the pistol offense for the defense. The defense was working on the reaction to lots of motion in the backfield.
  • This was the same role that Jameis Winston took up last year when the defense needed to practice for these motion heavy offenses like Clemson.
  • Tre' Jackson was not practicing. He was no longer sporting a boot and riding the stationary. Reuben Carter is still getting reps with the 1's at offensive guard.

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