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Goodbye Timmy Jernigan: Celebrating Loco Ocho's Florida State career in .gifs

What were your favorite moments in Jernigan's career?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Timmy Jernigan, a kid from Lake City who had the individualism to go against the grain and spurn the SEC to pick Florida State at a time in which the program was not nearly as good as it is now, is headed to the NFL. It's a great decision for a fantastic player who seemingly got better every game he played, ending in a dominant performance for the  BCS National Title, splitting and stacking double teams of Auburn linemen like firewood. And he did it with a fever, a flu,  (Jernigan didn't say he had the flu, another reporter interviewing him says "oh so you were sick") and a bad reaction to medicine he received before the game. You can make a great case for Jernigan getting the MVP.

In his interview after the game, you could still feel the passion with which he played the game.

Thursday, Jernigan have this message via his instagram.

Everything I have I's been an honor to wear the spear on my helmet and putting the fear of it in who ever lines up in front of us god couldn't have gave me a better career and definitely better teammates and coaches to do it with...I love yall boys with everything n my heart it's hard to walk away from fsu but in life these opportunities are very slim .. wish yall boys the best of luck next year...and big Nile stample hold that middle down baby and Jalen wear that 8 with a purpose!!!I want a super bowl next!!!

And to say goodbye, we celebrate his career in .gifs.

Making a tackle a yard from the sideline despite being a 330-pound man? Yessir. And the loco-ocho finger twirl.

What's better? That he judo hip-tossed a 330-pound man who was trying to keep blocking him after the whistle, or the reaction of the quarterback?

This was a bit of a cheap shot, but the play was still going on.

Everyone always spoke of Jernigan's quickness, but I found his incredibly powerful hands to be his best attribute. This push-pull move against Clemson was so technically perfect that a high school coach asked for video of it to show to his players.

Motor? Beating a double team? Pass rush?

I'm not sure his to describe the dance he did after plays like this, but I got a chuckle every time.

Play him off, Chiefs (there were so many guys conducting the band after the game, I initially thought that was Jernigan and not Wilder conducting this .gif).