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Ira Denson dismissed from Florida State football

Ira Denson is no longer with FSU.

Updated story 3/19

Ira Denson is done at FSU, Jimbo Fisher confirmed.

Updated story 3/19

An Ira Denson was booked into the Leon County Jail on 3/18 for several theft crimes. There is no way of knowing that this Ira Denson is the same Ira Denson, who is not currently with FSU's football team, but FSU's Denson was accused of theft and admitted as much when interviewed by police in a related shooting. There is no photo listed.

Updated story 3/7

Details are officially emerging on the situation that in part caused Ira Denson to not be with the Seminoles. Jimbo Fisher discussed Denson Thursday.

"[He's] just going to school right now. We'll evaluate how he does and he has to continue to do well. We want him to do well academically. If he does, he does. If he doesn't, then we'll have to adjust to that."

The full story is here from the Democrat, and is complicated but the gist as it pertains to Florida State:  Denson allegedly stole a debit card from Mario Pender, Pender allegedly took a pair of Denson's shoes as collateral, Denson allegedly returned with another man to give Pender back his money and to retrieve his shoes, and after the exchange, the man who returned with Denson allegedly shot a man who was with Pender. That man, from Madison County (Denson's hometown) is charged with premeditated murder attempted murder (the Democrat's article first said premeditated murder).

Florida State has also told recruits it wants five or six offensive line recruits this cycle, which is one more than we projected, which could indicate that Denson is not coming back to the team.

Original story (January 10)

Florida State freshman guard Ira Denson has not had a great semester. Injured, very overweight, and in the doghouse for other issues, he did not make the trip to Pasadena, despite seemingly every other injured player making the trip.

When I saw that, it was a red flag. There are rumors of the latest transgression, but without documentation, I'm not comfortable publishing it because there are conflicting reports and details. I do know that the injury is not what kept him from making the trip.

Early Wednesday, Denson posted the instagram at right of him in a class, with the words 'ppl say. I got kicked out lol let dem tell it but I'm here bored lol I'm still good don't matter what y'all all say," followed by a ton of symbols that I cannot replicate on a laptop.

Last night, Denson had this twitter exchange with teammate Levonte "Kermit" Whitfield and others on twitter. Whitfield and Denson are close, and Denson did not get much of a response from his other teammates, which is a bit unusual for a player making some of the statements he did.

The non-denial to a fan wishing him good luck at his new school is also a bit telling. If Denson were staying, would he retweet that?