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Florida State Senior Associate Athletics Director on Rick Ballou's radio show to discuss Jeremy Pruitt rumors

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Wednesday 1010XL radio personality Rick Ballou, who does have some strong sources inside the program, discussed a rumor about why Jeremy Pruitt, Florida State's defensive coordinator, left for the same job at Georgia -- a lateral move, at best. The rumor involved infidelity. To understand this full story, you will need at least 30 minutes to hear the audio one time through.

WEDNESDAY LISTEN: Rick Ballou on Jeremy Pruitt

Thursday, Florida State associate athletics director Monk Bonasorte came on Ballou's show to dispute some parts of his claim, and to ask that people not spread rumors about a certain young female FSU employee who people on some fringe message boards (not Tomahawk Nation or any national outlet) were claiming was involved in an affair with Pruitt, who is engaged but not married. It is important to note that Ballou did not name the FSU employee at any time.

Ballou stood by his story, and beyond that, this call is very difficult to describe, so you'll just have to listen to the audio.

THURSDAY LISTEN: Monk Bonasorte comes on the Rick Ballou show

My early impressions on this are mixed. I wonder if Florida State approved Bonasorte going on the radio. If so, did it approve of what he said? I think Bonasorte probably had good intentions with this, as the young lady in the Florida State athletics department who was perhaps misidentified by some on social media, anonymous message boards, etc., has had her life turned upside down on social media and perhaps in person as well.

But this was not the way to handle it. This story was going to die. No national media outlet had picked this up. Now, after a senior administrator at Florida State went on the radio for 20+ minutes to address this rumor, that may change. This was absolutely not the right approach to take. This radio appearance empowered and lent credibility in many ways to the story told by Ballou Wednesday. It legitimized it. Further, the response was rambling, unclear, and if it came off that way to me, someone who is very familiar with this information, I cannot imagine how discombobulated it sounds to the typical listener.